A double main event winner and a first time winner is the topic of the night!!

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By DJ Everett

The action was fierce on McClimans Racing Engines night as one driver scored double main event wins and another driver got their first career win in their class!  The Northwest Tour Trucks, Cactus Pete’s Streets, McClimans Racing Engines Minis, Magic Valley Pipe Hornets, and the Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers all treated the fans to a superb night of racing!!

The evening’s first main event was the McClimans Racing Engines Minis and as the field took the green flag, Roy Boots Jr was the leader on the first lap with plenty of action going on behind him.  Everyone was making moves from the back of the pack to forge their way to the front of the field.  Andrew Prince was one of them as he was able to get by Boots Jr for the lead.  That didn’t last long as first year minis driver, Angel Newberry was next to be the leader of the race as she was able to stretch her lead out for a short time.  It didn’t take long for the rest of the field to catch back up to her and as the race started winding down, 6 cars at the front of the field were battling for the win.  When the checkered flag flew, it was Zaine Newberry picking up his first minis main event win of the year.  

The Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers were next to take to the racetrack for their first main event of the evening.  Kristopher McKean led the field early when the green flew with older sister Kaili McKean right on his rear bumper and Roxy Nolan not too far behind the top two.  The three drivers put on a great race for the fans as they were nose to tail at one point.  Kaili kept putting a fender to the inside of Kristopher multiple times but Kristopher wasn’t intimidated one bit.  In fact he started to drive away from Kaili in the closing stages of the race and all the way to the checkered flag to pick up a popular win for the young man.

The always exciting Northwest Tour Truck Series returned to Magic Valley Speedway for their third event of the season.  The green flag was waving in their first main event and polesitter Sam Harris led the field in the early laps.  Good to see Harris leading this race as he lost a motor in the last outing for the series back in April at MVS.  Behind him there was plenty of side-by-side racing taking place.  During the intense racing, Drew Reitsma made contact with another competitor making his right front fender come loose and flailing in the wind.  Neil Latham struggling with motor problems all day long made the best of it making his way to the second spot when the yellow flew as the fender on Reitsma’s truck finally came loose in turn 1 and landing on the racing surface.  This bunched the field for the restart and when the green flag came back out, Latham tried his best to take Harris for the lead on the high side but couldn’t make it stick with Jenna Quale now entering the picture trying to figure out how to get by both.  It didn’t take her long as she got by Latham and Harris in a half of a lap to be the new leader of the race.  As Quale now strolled off into the sunset, Jeff Wade started making moves from the middle of the pack and found his way into second.  Wade was able to close the gap some on Quale as she entered lapped traffic but it wasn’t enough as Quale grabbed her first main event win this year.

The R&A Trucking Big Wheelz race took place with Emersynn Edens taking home the trophy on this night with some tough competition right behind her.  Always a joy to see the future stars of MVS in the big wheelz race doing battle.

The Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers and Magic Valley Pipe Hornets were next up for their main events as we had two races in one.  Roxy Nolan led the field at the drop of the green from Jr Flagger Greyson Chambliss and immediately started to run away with it.  Kaili McKean in second started dropping fluid on the track bringing out the yellow flag.  Unfortunately, Kaili was pushed back to the pit area ending her night.  The green flag came back out and Kristopher McKean was now challenging Roxy for the top spot.  McKean made a brave outside move on Nolan to take the lead on the frontstretch but spun it heading to the infield portion of the track with Nolan making slight contact with him when he came to a stop.  Nolan took the checkered flag adding another main event win this year in the stinger class and it was Zach Rydalch bringing home another main event win in the hornet class this year as well.  Trophy Presenter Makayla Pulzone joined the two winners in victory lane handing out the hardware.  

The Cactus Pete’s Streets rolled out next with Roy Boots Jr leading the race in the early stages.  Ronn McClimans slotted in second with Willie Dalton making his way to third.  Dalton put it to the high side on McClimans and after battling side by side for a few laps, contact between the two drivers resulted in Dalton spinning coming off turn 2 bringing out the caution flag.  The restart took place and Boots Jr resumed his lead.  Steve Edens Sr, who set a new track record earlier in the day during McDonalds qualifying, started showing some strength and landed himself in second with Shawn Lester also making some noise climbing his way into third for the time being.  Dalton while running fourth went up in smoke down the front stretch and immediately after that Boots Jr, Edens Sr., and Lester who were running nose to tail all did synchronized spinning heading into turn 1 bringing out another caution.  Restart time again and Boots Jr and Lester were fighting hard for the top spot when the two made contact on the frontstretch resulting in Boots’ tire going flat and another caution.  The final restart saw Ronn McCimans in the lead which he held to the checkered flag for his first win of 2021.

The McClimans Racing Engines Minis second main event of the night took place and Cecil Miles was the early leader with Boots Jr and Andrew Prince breathing down his rear bumper.  The yellow flag flew for the brother and sister duo of Angel and Zaine Newberry coming together exiting turn 2 and both spinning.  Both rejoined the race for the restart which saw Miles regain control of the lead.  Boots Jr was able to make a pass on Miles for the lead and while that was going on, Angel Newberry was closing in on the top two.  Miles got back by Boots Jr to grab the lead again and Newberry followed on through into second.  Newberry pulled the trigger and pull alongside Miles for the lead and ran side by side for a couple of laps before she was able to get sole possession of the lead.  The action wasn’t over where five cars were in a tight group at the front of the field when the white flag was flying.  Prince and Newberry were wheel to wheel for the final lap and coming out of turn 4, Newberry was first to the checkered flag by half of a car length in front of Prince.  This was a popular win for the former Jr Stinger champion by earning her first career McClimans Racing Engines Minis main event win and giving the Newberry family double main event honors as older brother Zaine won the first minis main event earlier in the day.

The final main event of the night was the Northwest Tour Truck Series as these beautiful machines rolled around the speedway to get this one kicked off.  McDonald’s quick qualifier Jenna Quale looked like to be the one to beat after she made the first main event earlier in the evening look easy after picking up the win.  The green was out and first year truck driver Jacob Harris was the leader for the first couple of laps but Sam Harris was hanging tough to his outside and grabbed the lead away from Jordan.  Drew Reitsma also made an outside move on Jordan to get into second as some of the heavy hitters in the back of the pack started working their way forward such as Jenna Quale and Jeff Wade.  Up front Reitsma caught Sam Harris and dove down low as they both were running door to door through turns 3 and 4 when Harris got high into the marbles and his truck started to turn sideways.  While trying to regain control of his truck, Harris’ right rear caught the wall but straightened out with some body damage resulting from the contact.  With body work flying in the wind on Harris’ truck, a piece of it finally came off bringing out the caution for debris.  Jayden Park also climbed his way near the front as he lined up alongside leader Reitsma for the restart.  After a door-to-door battle for the lead between Reitsma and Park for the lead on the restart, slight contact between the two trucks through turns 3 and 4 gave Reitsma the lead again. Quale was able to follow through into second getting by Park and the battle was on now between Reitsma and Quale for the lead in which they both didn’t disappoint.  Quale went underneath Reitsma heading into turn 3 and they ran side by side for the final 10 laps of the race.  Incredible racing between those two drivers fighting to determine who was going to win this one.  As they came out of turn 4 heading for the white flag, Quale was able to clear Reitsma for the lead and drove it back around to the checkered flag giving her two main event wins on the night and extending her points lead in the series.  The Northwest Tour Truck Series always putting on a great show for the fans and we look forward to them coming back to MVS next month.  

We would like to congratulate our selfie winners Alan Nauman, Jennifer Sanders, Ashley Shope, and Tim Yenne who all received a free admission ticket to next week’s event which is Gibson Diesel Performance Night featuring the return of the Gibson Diesel Super Late Models along with the ICCU Modifieds, Cactus Pete’s Streets, Project Filter Bombers, Magic Valley Pipe Hornets, and the Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers!  It’s a busy night of racing so you will want to arrive early!!  Gates open at 5pm with McDonald’s Timed Trials at 5:30! We will see you at the entertainment capital of the entire valley presented by Bud Light we’ll see you at

……………..Magic Valley Speedway!!

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