A little rain and wind doesn’t stop our fans and drivers!

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By DJ Everett

Overcast and windy conditions graced Magic Valley Speedway this past Saturday for Middlekauff Ford Night featuring the Cactus Pete’s Streets, McClimans Racing Engines Minis, Project Filter Bombers, Magic Valley Pipe Hornets, and the Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers.  The weather didn’t intimidate of our loyal fans as a big crowd settled in for an exciting night of racing.

The first main event of the night was the Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers and as the green flew, the three drivers of Kaili McKean, Trey Boots, and Kristopher McKean all rushed into turn 1.  Kaili was the leader most of this race with all three drivers doing a great job keeping it off the wall and keeping it straight.  As the field took the white flag, Kaili’s car started to slow and a fast closing Boots went around her and into the lead which he took all the way to the checkered flag.  A don’t give up attitude for this young man netted him his very first career stinger win.  

The McClimans Racing Engines Minis were next to take to the track for their first main event of the night.  The dicing throughout the field started immediately when the green flag came out.  Up front it was Chad Everett, Roy Boots Jr, and Cecil Miles starting to run away with it.  The three drivers put on a show for the fans as they were exchanging positions up front throughout most of the race.  When the field took the white flag, Everett and Boots went faster than the mandatory breakout time of 16.750 seconds handing the win to Miles for his third one of the year.  This would setup for an exciting second main event which was held later in the night.

During intermission the R&A Trucking Big Wheelz race took place and Kiley Acosta was the first under the checkered flag and taking home the trophy after a great effort by all of the young big wheelz racers.

The Quale’s Electronic Jr Stingers came back out for their second main event of night and this time it was Kaili McKean and younger brother Kristopher McKean ready to do battle.  Jr Flagger on this night was Jr Hamilton and when he waved the green flag, the two charged into turn one.  Kristopher led it over Kaili and did so during most of the race.  Kristopher did a magnificent job holding off the challenges of Kaili but when they took the white flag, Kaili made an inside move on Kristopher heading into turn 2 of the stinger track.  She came out with the lead and led it all the way to the checkered flag earning herself another main event win in the young season.  Kudos goes out to Kristopher for almost winning this race.  Trophy Presenter Andrew Joens joined the jubilant victory lane celebration handing over the hardware to Kaili.

The Project Filter Bombers rolled out onto the speedway for their main event of the night and Adam Roth was the immediate leader when they took the green flag.  Jonathan Rich and Jeremiah Shope stayed with Roth for most of the race.  Rich started to close in on Roth’s rear bumper and tried a last ditch effort move going into turn three on the final lap but his car skated up high near the wall.  Roth crossed the line under the checkers to the cheers of the crowd and winning one for the National Guard which he is a member of. 

The McClimans Racing Engines Minis were out for their second main event of the night.  In true minis fashion, the passing and side by side racing happened right away when the green flag came out.  Once again it was Cecil Miles, Roy Boots, and Chad Everett making their way to the front and it looked like the 3 of them were going try to settle this one before it was over.  To everyone’s amazement, all 3 went faster than the mandatory breakout time on the same lap handing the lead over to Zaine Newberry and sister Angel Newberry running second.  Chad Everett from the back of the pack started to make his way back up through the field after the penalty when the rains came.  The field was placed under yellow to dry the track and once the rain subsided and the track was dry, it was back to green flag racing.  Everett found his way back up to the lead as Miles started to make his way through the field as well.  They took the white flag and Miles was now on the outside of Everett in an exciting battle for the lead.  The two rounded turn 4 heading for the checkered flag and it was Everett by a half a car length over Miles at the line.

The Cactus Pete’s Streets were next for their main event with three wide battles ensuing right away when the green flag flew.  Shawn Lester got around Josh Cuff for the lead but had a fast closing Steve Edens Sr.  Edens was able to make his way past Lester for the lead to be the third leader of the race.  Edens tried to run away from the field but Willie Dalton also found his way through the pack and chased down Edens.  Dalton tried to get by Edens for a few laps but Edens was able to fend off Dalton for the spot.  Dalton found the opening he needed to get by Edens and was able to drive away from Edens to win his third consecutive main event out of 3 races.  It appears the Dalton will be the man to beat in the streets division this year.

The final race of the night was the Magic Valley Pipe Hornets.  Brayden Sweatfield and Peggy Dean would be the two to fight it out for the win.  Dean led most of this one and doing a great job holding off Sweatfield.  As the two came back onto the frontstretch heading the opposite way in this race on the hornet track, Dean’s car pushed up high opening the bottom lane for Sweatfield.  They raced side by side heading into turn 4 on the big track with Dean trying to make the outside line work for her.  She pushed up high into the wall and her car stayed in the wall all the way around to the backstretch and finally coming to a stop at the track entrance heading into turn 3.  She climbed out of her car to the cheers of the crowd but the left side of her car was badly torn up.  Sweatfield drove it to victory for his second win of the year.

We would like to congratulate Rachael Packham as being the winner of our selfie contest earning herself a free ticket to this Saturday.  Its Conrad & Bischoff night this Saturday featuring the return of the Gibson Diesel Super Late Models along with the ICCU Modifieds, Cactus Pete’s Streets, Project Filter Bombers, and the Magic Valley Pipe Hornets.  Gates open at 5pm and McDonald’s Racing at 6pm.  It’s going to be another big night of racing so arrive early!  We will see you this Saturday at the action track………….Magic Valley Speedway!!

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