A little wind never stopped our fans from turning out, and it was no different this Saturday

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The Project Filter Bombers were out on the track first for their heat race. They were all looking to kickoff the night with a W! Mike Miller in the #98 had the lead, while the 11 of Jonathan Rich and the 9 of Robin Finch battled it out for 2nd. Finally, Rich caught Miller on the back stretch, Rich was able to clear the 98 coming out of turn four! But, the new leader wasn’t out of the woods yet! Robin Finch quickly followed through and ran side by side with the 11 into turn 1! Coming off 2 and down the back stretch Finch cleared Rich and quickly put some asphalt between them! Brandon Adams in the 33 had cut his way up to the front and was ready to battle Rich until the checkered flag flew. With Robin Finch as the victor of this heat!

In staging 15 ICCU Modifieds lined up for their first of two main events. The car count was high, but the adrenaline was even higher! 40 laps to get that W and bring home the trophy! On the pole, to the inside: the 45 of Shawn Price, and Ryan Phipps on the 5 outside of him. Second row Dan Mcoy in the 20 on the inside and Morgan Rassmusen in the 11 on the outside. Third row we saw the 16 Brandon Sainsbury on the inside and #9 Dan Root Jr. beside him; with some heavy hitters lined up behind them all! As the green flag waved our drivers were off! Shawn Price takes the lead in the number 45. He starts to stretch out his lead when the 29 Zach Webster spins it out coming off turn 2 and puts the field under caution. At the restart, Brandon Sainsbury in the 16 is quick to move up ahead of Price and leads the next few laps with the 45 hot on his tail. As they make their way across the back stretch Price catches your leader and the go door-to-door for the laps to come. Price eventually puts his machine in front of Sainsbury on the inside, and the 16 falls slightly off the pace, costing him 5 positions. The 5 of Ryan Phipps gets loose off turn four and ends up in the grass. Once again the caution comes out and the field is grouped back together. At the restart its Price with the 80 of Patrick Gold on the outside, then #20 Dan Mcoy and the #13 Tim Fahrner, then Zach Webster in the 29 and Jonathan Gomez in the #22. At the green Gold gets a good jump and leads the next few laps before the 23 spins out once more and the field resets. Jonathan Gomez makes a dive to the bottom and battles Fahrner, Gold, and Mcoy for the lead. When the checkered flag waved on the last lap it was Gomez who emerged victorious!

Next up was the Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers for their first of two main events. It was mano e mano, man to man, driver versus driver: A showdown! The number 6 of Paxton Guiles, and the 7 of Kristopher Mckean took to the asphalt to compete. With Mckean chasing him down, Guiles led every lap, and took home this trophy. But the two would return later on, for another battle. After all, Mckean isnt used to not bringing home at least one trophy on Saturday nights!

The Cactus Petes Streets rolled out next! With nothing but heavy hitters out on the track! Each and every one of them holding a championship title for this very class! Tensions were high when they blasted off at the sight of the green flag! Willie The Outlaw Dalton started out in front for this heat in his iconic #78 with the 23 of Steve Edens Sr. and the 22 of Shawn Lester hot in pursuit! But Edens doesnt let the 78 get away that easily and is able to run door to door with Dalton before clearing him and collecting the points for this win!

As the sunlight started to fade, the #7 Kristopher McKean, and the 6 Paxton Guiles returned for the Quale’s Electronic Jr. Stingers second main event. This time McKean wasted no time getting in the lead. He led every lap and while Guiles ran a hard race, it was McKean who parked it in victory lane this time! 

The Cactus Pete’s Streets lined up in staging and shot out next, to leave it all on the track for big time W at Magic Valley Speedway! The race started with the 78 Willie Dalton and the 23 Steve Edens Sr. Quick to jump ahead, door to door around turns 1 and 2 and down the the back stretch! Shawn Lester chased after them in his 22 car! He was loose on most of the turns, but that (literally) didn’t slow him down. Lester sped up to catch the leaders, and through brute force and talent, and with his bad fast machine: he not only caught them, he passed them too! On the outside no less! Claiming another victory in his run for the championship! 

Project Filter Bombers we’re up and each driver strapped up and rolled out!  With no hesitation Robin Finch in the 9 car raced ahead of the pack. The 11 of Jonathan Rich in hot pursuit behind him, alongside the defending champion Brandon Adams in his monstrous 33 car.   They fought hard in front of the other drivers when Rich got loose and nosed the wall. Adams saw his chance and took it, moving up into second. But, he was out of time before he could catch Finch. So as the fate of the race sealed it was once again Papa Shrek Robin Finch who took home this win!

And as a final ‘hoorah’ for Magic Valley Pipe Night, the ICCU Modifieds started their engines. The last chance of the evening for one of these 15 drivers to bag a trophy, and a main event win. They lined up in rows of two, out in front: #16 Brandon Sainsbury to the inside and Kris McKean #6. Second row we saw Dan McCoy in the 20, then #45 Shawn Price to the outside. Third row back we had the 80 of Patrick Gold on the inside, with Zach Webster the 29. The competition was stacked, and off of turn four the drivers saw the green flag roll on the winds and gunned it! McKean was quick to pull ahead of Sainsbury and was leading the race! Meanwhile Zach Webster was about to cut into second bringing the 13 Tim Fahrner along with him. McKean starts to stretch out his lead when the 11 Morgan Rasmussen hits the wall in turn 1 bringing out a caution flag. The field is once again grouped together and lined in rows of two. McKean maintains his lead for only a couple laps when he falls slightly off pace and loses three positions. Zach Webster, your new leader, is in for a fight with Tim Fahrner right there next to him on the high side! The two run door to door before Fahrner starts to pull away, charging forward with the lead! With that the battle is on between Webster, Gold, and your winner from earlier tonight, Jonathan Gomez in the 22, and Trevor Cristiani driving the #90! The four drivers are door to door and bumper to bumper as the race their way around the track. Gold starts to break away, claiming the second spot from his competitors. He sets his sight for the only car in front of him and gives it all he’s got. He closes up the gap between him and Fahrner, but runs out of laps. The checkered flag dances in the wind and Tim Fahrner emerges from the battle as your victor! Claiming another main event win for his collection, Fahrner thanked his crew, family, friends, and sponsors, with a smile that only comes when you’re hoisting a trophy in victory lane at Magic Valley Speedway. 

Join us next week for more excitement, adrenaline, and racing as we celebrate Cactus Pete’s Night! Racing events for 05/14/22 will be sponsored by none other than Cactus Pete’s! With the return of the Pepsi Mini Stocks, the Project Filter Bombers, the Magic Valley Pipe Hornets and…..the NWTTS! That’s right the North West Tour Truck Series will return to Magic Valley Speedway for some more action on the asphalt! Be there or be square! 

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