Another warm night heated up the action on Magic Valley Pipe Night!

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By DJ Everett

Temperatures in the triple digits didn’t stop our loyal race fans from coming out to witness great racing featuring the ICCU Modifieds, Dennys Minis, Project Filter Bombers, Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers, and the Extreme Staffing Double Deckers!!

The Dennys Minis was the first main event of the night.  The green flag flew, Christina Williams led the opening lap but then Jordan Carpenter was able to get by to lead the race bringing Chad Everett up into second.  Jon Quinton joined the top two making it a tight 3 car race for the lead.  Everett soon was able to put it to the inside of leader Carpenter and after running side by side for multiple laps, Everett was able to take sole possession of the top spot.  Not too long after that, Everett and Carpenter ran faster than the breakout time of 16.750 and that handed the lead over to Quinton.  Quinton had a huge lead over his next competitors and was able to put it in cruise control all the way to the checkers picking up another main event win this year.  Great runs by Zaine Newberry and Christina Williams bringing it home 2nd and 3rd.  

The ICCU Modifieds were rolling out next for their first main event of the evening.  When the green came out, Dan Root Jr led it from the pole position.  Jason Quale was able to get by Matt Egley for second and Eric Rhead would follow through into third.  Rhead put the pressure on Quale for second by diving down low and eventually getting by putting Rhead into the runner up spot.  Rhead was able to track down leader Root and put it to the high side.  It took Rhead a half a lap to get by Root to be the race’s new leader.  Rhead started to check out leaving Root and Quale to battle it out for second.  Another battle was shaping up behind them for fourth between Zach Webster and Lynn Hardy.  Quale put it on the outside of Root going through turns 3 and 4 and the two rolled through turn 4, they touched sending Quale for a spin bringing out the caution.  Quale would get his second spot back and Root was sent to the back.  On the restart, Quale was giving it all he had to stay with Rhead but Rhead was able to power back to the lead.  Webster was right on Quale’s rear bumper now for second.  As they came off of turn 4, Quale’s car got loose and then there was slight contact with Webster sending Quale for another spin this time down the front stretch.  Restart once again and it was now Webster putting the pressure on Rhead for the lead.  The two ran side by side for the final two laps of the race and as they came off of turn 4 heading for the checkers, Rhead using the outside momentum to lunge towards the line ahead of Webster and picked up his 6th ICCU Modified main event win of 2020.

The Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers were on the track for their first of two main events.  Pole sitter Kristopher McKean led early with Kaili McKean, Angel Newberry, and Kaethyn Gilligan all running close behind.  The four cars ran nose to tail throughout the entire race with each driver taking a peek to the inside and outside trying to get by the car in front of them with the exception of leader Kristopher McKean who was looking good up front.  On the final lap, Kaili McKean slide off into the grass in turn 3 allowing Newberry and Gilligan to get by but Kristopher McKean was able to cross the line first at the checkers picking up his 2nd main event win of the year.

The R&A Trucking Big Wheelz race was another exciting race this week with our youngsters as Kiley Acosta picked up the winner’s hardware.

The Extreme Staffing Double Deckers took the green and the teams of Craig McCann/Chad Everett and Brandon Adams/Dondo Morton were side by side which would last for the first 5 laps of the race before McCann and Everett were able to get out in front.  During the race Adams and Morton were able to stay with McCann and Everett and on the final lap the two approached a lapped machine.  Everett/McCann went high and Adams/Morton went low splitting the lapped machine and at the line it was Adams/Morton by a half a double decker length over Everett/McCann.

The Dennys Minis second main event of the night was on the track and when Jr Flagger, Quincy Sanders flew the green flag it was Jordan Carpenter leading the field early.  On lap 2 a three wide battle shaped up between Mike Fullmer, Cecil Miles, and Jon Quinton heading into turn 3.  Quinton was the unfortunate victim in this one as he was forced into the infield grass and came to a stop bringing out the caution.  Quinton was able to rejoin the field for the restart and when we went back to green flag racing, it was Carpenter still leading the race.  Chad Everett was starting to show some strength by putting his car to the inside of Carpenter challenging for the lead.  This lasted a number of laps until the two entered lapped traffic and that was where Everett was able to make the move to get by Carpenter for the lead.  Carpenter wasn’t willing to let it go that easy as he put it back down low on Everett and the two were side by side again for the lead.  The two entered lapped traffic with Quinton now making it a three-car battle for the lead.  Everett was able to use the traffic to his advantage putting his machine out in front again and holding it all the way to the checkered flag.  Jr Trophy Presenter, Marvin Schaber joined the victory lane festivities by hand over the winner’s trophy to Chad Everett.

The Project Filter Bombers were next to take the green and it was Beverly Meyers leading the first lap.  Robyn Finch was able to sneak by on the inside of Meyers to lead the race as Gracie Pehrson was able to do the same going into second.  Brandon Adams and Craig McCann were able to catch the top 2 and now we had four cars nose to tail at the front of the field.  Finch and Pehrson were able to pull away from Adams and McCann leaving the two groups of cars battling hard with each other.  Pehrson planted her car to the outside of Finch and as the two came off of turn 2, Pehrson was able to power by Finch for the lead.  She hung on to her lead all the way to the checkered flag picking up her third win of the year.  Finch brought it home in second and McCann was able to edge out Adams for third.

The ICCU Modifieds were back out for their second main event of the night.  Polesitter Jason Quale led the field at the drop of the green with Dan Root Jr falling in line in the second spot.  Root had a bunch of modifieds off of his rear bumper with Lynn Hardy, Zach Webster, and Eric Rhead putting heavy pressure on Root.  Hardy’s pace started to slow slightly allowing Root to get away leaving Webster and Rhead now to challenge Hardy for third.  Rhead made a great move coming off of turn 4 passing Webster and Hardy for third.  Rhead was now closing in on Root to challenge for second.  Rhead used the high groove to get by Root and now the chase was on to catch leader Quale.  The caution flew with 4 laps to go for Lynn Hardy who came to a stop in turn 3.  This put Rhead on the rear bumper of Quale for the restart.  The green came back out for the final time and Rhead was now right in the tire tracks of Quale.  Rhead took a peek to the inside of Quale a couple of times but Quale was just a little too strong in this race as he picked up another ICCU Modified win in 2020.  

The Quales Electronics Jr Stingers was the last race of the night and it was polesitter Kaili McKean leading the field early.  A great battle started to form up for second between Kaethyn Gilligan and Angel Newberry.  Coming off of turn 2 of the Jr Stinger track, Newberry was able to put a nose to the inside Gilligan and follow through with the pass for second.  Newberry was now on the rear bumper of McKean for the lead.  McKean’s car started to stumble in the final two laps of the race with Newberry trying to take advantage of the situation.  As the three cars of McKean, Newberry, and Gilligan rounded turn 3 on the final lap, McKean was the first across the line with Gilligan making a daring outside pass edging out Newberry by a few inches for second.  Kaili McKean added another checkmark in the win column for 2020.

Other winners we want to congratulate are Derek Oliver winning the free Shari’s Pie and also Laura Edens, Chrissy Solt, and Jennifer Sanders winning the Selfie Contest.  This Saturday night will feature the return of the Northwest Tour Truck Series along with the Brennan’s Carpet Midgets, Cactus Petes Streets, Valley Office Systems Hornets, and the Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers all on Pacific Steel Night! ( Pacific Steel will be giving away the smoker/grill provided by Brizze Heating. Gates open at 5pm with McDonalds Timed Trials at 6:30pm!!  This will be another action-packed night of racing so you will want to get to the track early!  We will see all of you this Saturday night at the valley’s racing headquarters……………Magic Valley Speedway!!

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