CED Night, a Racing Delight!

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By: Jenn Gray

It was an epic night of racing at Magic Valley Speedway for CED night!The stands were full, the pits were packed, the sun was hot, and the beer was cold! The Pepsi Sprintcars, Speed Tour Modifieds, Brennan’s Carpet Midgets, and the Snake River legends were settled into the pits and prepared for the nights events.

The Pepsi Sprintcars lined up, this being the first time Magic Valley Speedway hosted the class! Bryan Warf piloting the 91 sprintcar set the track record at an impressive 13.696 seconds! Thats getting around the ⅓ mile oval! Warf, as you may have guessed was your top qualifier above Ryan Newman whose best lap was a 13.979.

The legendary Snake River Legends were up next! The current track record was set by no other than Casey Tillman back in 2017 with a 15.949 seconds. The track was hot and Brok Kidd in the 22 Legend car came very close with his best lap being 16.169! And, the number 6 of Ken Frickey comin in hot at 16.230.

To round up McDonalds Qualifying the Speed Tour Modifieds roared to life! Our top 3 qualifiers were separated by a mere 0.036, and only 0.014 separating the top 2! The 24 driven by Shelby Stroebel turned a 14.677, the 79 of Andrew Richardson came in P2 with 16.641. It was Jonathan Gomez in the 22 who was the top qualifier with his fastest lap coming in at 14.627! 

With that, CED night rolled right on into heat races. First up we saw the Brennan’s Carpet Midgets come out, with their first of two heats. River Merrill in the #9 and Cheyenne Merrill in the #8 finished 1 and 2, with the #9 coming out on top over her sister Cheyenne! The Midgets second heat began with no delay. The 77 driven by Anthony Quintana was ready for the win and scored this heat in his ‘W’ column for the night!

The Pepsi Sprintcars came out in the next heat race. With the full roster out on the track, these drivers pushed their machines to their limits for 10 laps! With your 1st place finisher being no other than the 91 Bryan Warf! With Warf having been the top qualifier earlier, it seemed so far he had his ride dialed in just right for the nights races!

Rolling out for their first of two heat races the Snake River Legends came to put on a show for the fans! Courtney Weller in the #45 held off the 6 Ken Frickey, and the rest to secure her win tonight! In the second heat race we saw Jacob Fuller in the 11 car nudging out the 22 of Brok Kidd for the win!

To round up the heat races we saw the Speedtour Modifieds. In the first heat race our driver were racing almost too close for comfort! But the talented drivers behind the wheel kept it neat and clean, with the 29 of Zach Webster coming out on top over Shawn Price in the 45 and the rest of the field. The heat was on for another 8 laps as the second group of modifieds began their race! Despite a last ditch effort by Shelby Stroebel, the number 6 of Kris McKean secured this heat race victory tonight!

The starting positions were set for our drivers, and with that, it was time for main events! 

Coming out for their main event of the evening we saw the Brennan’s Carpet Midgets. Out in front the 69 Mike Anderson, and the 31 AJ Luttmer. 30 laps was the distance to the trophy awaiting in victory lane. At the green Anthony Quintana in the 77 was ready to jump! Quick to move from P4 to leading the race in just a couple laps! These drivers were turning laps so fast, 30 felt a lot more like 15!! Quintana was on fire tonight, and stretched his lead to more than a full straightaway over the rest of the field! He parked it in victory lane and celebrated with his young daughter in a moment that truly pulled at the heartstrings.

Out next: The Pepsi Sprintcars! Pulling double duty tonight Mike Anderson was back out in front with the 41 James Stephenson to his outside. We saw heat race winner Bryan Warf in the back row, with Jett Nelson in the 25 to the inside of him. Nelson had qualified 3rd earlier in the evening. The green flag flew and Anderson maintained his lead before James Stephenson was able to get by. Meanwhile, Bryan Warf was cutting his way up through the field. By the final laps Warf Had taken the lead, and parked his ride in victory lane! 

Rolling out on the back stretch the Snake River Legends began lining up for their main event feature of the night! It was great seeing so many legend cars out there to compete! As always, they put on a fantastic show! 25 laps was the name of the game and Kameron Battles driving the 16 shot out to take the lead at the green. The 50 of Jerry Davis ran side by side with Battles before eventually taking the lead. Ken Frickey worked his way to the front of the pack and was able to get around the 50, and drive off with the win!

We saved some of the best for last! The Speedtour Modifieds came out next for a 50 lap main event. The track was absolutely stacked with talent, and it could have been anybody’s race! Brandon Sainsbury, 16, with the 5 of Ryan Phipps on the outside started in front. At the green Phipps fell back to 5th, and Shawn Price in the 45 battled Sainsbury for the lead, while Rosalee Weller, Kris McKean, and Zach Webster had a 3-way battle for 3rd. Jonathan Gomez driving the 22 began to methodically cut his way to the front and so did Shelby Stroebel in the 24. Gomez was able to capture the lead, with Stroebel not far behind. When the checkered flag flew it was the 22 Jonathan Gomez who claimed 1st place! Zach Webster #29 finished 2nd, and #24 Shelby Stroebel finished 3rd!

Join us Saturday July 2nd for our Pepsi Fantastic Fireworks Show! It is alway a blast! We will have the Project Filter Bombers, McDonalds Street Stocks, ICCU Modifieds, Magic Valley Pipe Hornets, Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers, and of course a kick-butt fireworks show!!! Be there or be square!! 

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