FANS Night @ MVS did not disappoint

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Written By: Jenn Gray

Saturday, May 14, 2022 was FANS Night at Magic Valley Speedway! And, in honor of our awesome fans, we had an action packed night of racing!! 

We kicked it off with the Northwest Tour Truck Series turning out for McDonalds Qualifying. Drivers lined up in staging for their chance to break the record, and get their spots assigned for lineup! Every driver gave it their all, but in the end: it was Jenna Quale who came out on top with a quick time of 15.724! The current track record is 15.367 set by Jerry Rice back in 2016.

Next out we had the Pepsi Mini Stocks, for a 6 lap heat race! It was a dogfight between Roy Boots Jr. in the #15 and Zach Rydalch in the #24. The two drivers went side by side, until finally Boots pulls ahead. But, boots lead only lasts 1 lap when he starts to fall back. Chad Everett in the #3 was quick to jump on the opportunity! He catches Rydalch and steals away the lead. But the 24 wasn’t done yet; with one more trick up his sleeve he pulls up beside Everett and the two take a white flag door to door! They raced hard that final lap, in the end it was Zach Rydalch in the 24 that would claim victory for this heat race.

The Project Filter Bombers rolled out for their 6 lap heat race next. The 86 of Jeremiah Shope started out in P1, but by the end of the first lap it was the 11 Jonathan Rich who had claimed the lead position. Hot on his tail was defending champion Brandon Adams in his monstrous number 33, and veteran driver Papa Shrek Robin Finch sticking his nose into the mess. By the 4th lap Adams had stripped the lead away from his brother Jonathan Rich.  Adams took the white flag and Robin Finch pushed his 9 car to its limits in a last ditch effort for the win! Finch gets passed the 11 and falls short by less than half a car length to Brandon Adams.

Magic Valley Pipe Hornets came out for their opportunity to claim a win in another 6 lap heat race! Mike Miller piloting the 14 lead every lap, but he didn’t get his win easily. Paxton Guiles rose to the challenge and put pressure on Miller each and every lap, however it wasn’t enough to stop the 14 this time! 

The Northwest Tour Truck Series revved up in staging and one by one they shot out onto the track. This would be their first of two main events tonight. With drivers showing up from all over the Pacific Northwest to compete on the fastest ⅓ mile oval in Idaho! And Im not even kidding here yall: We had none other than the Montana Man himself — Ron Lawser in the number 28! We had, all the way from Washington State, driving the #26 truck tonight Haley Constance! Making her debut in a race truck, Constance is used to driving Super Late Models, and winning in them! So, with adrenaline running through our drivers faster than the fuel running through their rides: the 35 lap main event began! Out in front the 26 Haley Constance, to her outside was Jordan Harris in the 22. Second row we saw Jenna Quale on the inside in her #12 truck, and the 28 Ron Lawser to the outside. At the green Hyde fell back, and Quale was quick to take the opportunity, with Harris following behind, the 73 Drew Reitsma joined the top three and all four trucks were in close quarters, switching positions back and forth. It was truly racing at its finest for Magic Valley Speedway as the 4 way battle for the lead ensued! Bumping and grinding along the way when some contact in turns 1 and 2 between Quale and Constance sent the 12 into the wall! She managed to keep it together with minor damage to the machine, and the track stayed green. Jordan Harris took this opportunity to launch himself into first and led the coming laps. The 26 managed to catch him in the closing laps and it was Haley Constance who walked away with a 1st place win!

   In true MVS fashion we had some good ol redneck shenanigans in store next! That’s right! The Double Deckers rumbled onto the track, and ran 6 laps! The 7 made up of brothers: Brandon Adams and Dondo Morton made a come back in the closing laps to take the lead away from the #11 car and win the trophy! 

   The next main event featured the Pepsi Mini Stocks. Ready to put another 20 laps in the books, our drivers strapped up and rolled out. When that green flag dropped it was on! The 24 Zach Rydalch seeking his first trip to Victory Lane for the 2022 season. He led the first half of the race with the 3 of Chad Everett and the 15 Roy Boots Jr. battling for second behind him. Rydalch led every lap except for 1, which was led by the 15. Following true Zach Rydalch fashion, he back flipped off his mini before accepting his trophy!

   Magic Valley Pipe Hornets were out next and Mike Miller in the 14 was looking to bring home a win! With only 12 laps to get it done, Miller takes charge at the green and begins his road to victory. Danny Beam in the 2 car gets passed by Brayden Sweatfield driving the 29. Sweatfield gets loose in nearly every turn but his experience and horsepower pushed him through to second before the checkered came out. Mike Miller made his Polish Victory Lap, and celebrated his win in victory lane! 

   Project Filter Bombers entered the track next for their 20 lap main event! And, oh boy! They did not disappoint!  A 3 way fight for the lead erupted at the start of the race! Behind them a 3 way battle for second! Heres how it looked: Redneck Racing had all 3 drivers out running 1, 2, and 3! #11 Jonathan Rich, Dondo Morton #16, and Brandon Adams #33, respectively. Adams Launches ahead of the 11 who’s busy with company in the likes of Robin Finch in the number 9. Finch manages to pull ahead, while Rich falls back and defends his position against Kaitlin Wilcox driving the 78, who eventually does pull ahead for third.. Finch catches your leader Brandon Adams and the fight is on! Despite the effort, it just wasn’t enough to take down Adams tonight! And with that Adams steals away the show, to claim yet another victory under his belt for the 2022 season!

   The NWTTS parked one by one on the front stretch, and drivers climbed out of their machines for introductions. With the assistance of the fans we gave the drivers a good ‘ol “1, 2, 3, Drivers start your engines! The trucks roared to life and paced the track a lap or two. When the green came out, it was on! Up front Ron Lawser in the 28 and the 03 of Jessika Harris on the outside. Second row saw Jordan Harris on the inside in his 22 truck and Drew Reitsma in the 73. The 03, and the 22 soon fell to Reitsma. Constance in the 26 and Jenna Quale in the 12 followed moving up into P3 and P4, respectively. The 73 catches your leader Ron lawser and takes away the lead! For the win with the 26 & 12 in tow.

Join us next week for one the biggest night of racing yet for the 2022 season! Magic Valley Speedway will host the Speed tour Wing Sprints, Speed Tour Modifieds, Brennan’s Carpet Midgets and the Big 5 Super Late Models!!! Gates at 5PM McDonalds Timed Trials at 5:30 Be there or be Square!!!

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