Lots of excitement with a Red Light special on this night!!

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By DJ Everett

Another huge crowd blanketed the grandstands this past Saturday night on Bud Light Night!  They all buckled in on a warm summer night for what was one of the more exciting nights of racing in 2019!!

The Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers started the evening of main events with their first of two main events.  A season high nine Jr Stingers took to the track as polesitter Kaethyn Gilligan took off at the drop of the green and built a commanding lead over the rest of the field.  Payton Weller would bring out the first caution as she was stopped going into turn 3.  The second caution would come out for a three car tangle in turn 2 involving Kaili McKean, Brayden Sweatfield, and Adam Johnson.  When racing resumed, Gilligan would build a huge lead again but would soon catch lapped traffic.  Kristopher McKean, Malaki Juarez, and Brayden Sweatfield would start to close in on leader Gilligan, but Kaethyn would be able to hold them all off at the checkers to claim his first main event win of the year.

The Bud Modifieds would also have double main events on the night.  The green flag flew on their first main event and outside front row starter, Shaw Lester, would take command of the field early.  The yellow flag would fly for Rosalee Weller stopped at the turn 1 pit entrance and Lynn Hardy stopped going into turn 3 resulting from contact between a few cars coming out of turn 4.  The green flag would fly again and after a side by side battle with Lester, Casey Pehrson would grab the lead bringing points leader Zach Webster up into second place. It wouldn’t stay that way very long as Webster would start working on Pehrson for the lead.  The two would run side by side for a short time before Webster became the race’s third different leader as Zach Telford and Eric Rhead would manage to claw their way into second and third. A late race restart wouldn’t phase Webster as he was able to put distance between himself and the rest of the field to claim another win in 2019.

The Extreme Staffing & Payroll Double Deckers would be next for their short main event and not much to talk about here.  At the start of the race, the family duo of Rosalee and Courtney Weller would grab the lead and never relinquish it as they were untouchable.  This would be Rosalee’s second double decker win of the year.  Rosalee mentioned in victory lane what a scary ride it was as Courtney was in charge of the gas and brake and was fearless in using both.

The Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers would make their second appearance of the night for their other main event.  At the drop of the green, Payton Weller would grab the early lead and stretch it out considerably over the rest of the field.  Utah’s Keaton Morbach would look fast in this one as he held down second spot for a good portion of this race.  Adam Johnson would bring out the first caution for spinning in turn 2. Contact between Brayden Sweatfield and Kaili McKean would send McKean spinning and slow the field under caution once again.  Payton Weller was doing a great job keeping her machine out in front for the entire race and came away with her second win of the year.

The Cactus Pete’s Streets were out next for their main event and when the green flag flew, polesitter Mike Miller would lead early.  As the field exited turn 2, a three wide battle for the lead ensued between Miller, Levi Rider, and first time visitor Kevin Truscott.  Truscott was able to grab the lead out of that skirmish with Rider following.  Rider tried to stay with Truscott for the remainder of the race but Truscott was just too strong and claimed victory in his very first start at the 1/3 mile oval.

The Bud Modifieds came back out for their second main event of the night.  Rosalee Weller would be the early leader when the green flag flew and would hold the lead for the first 5 laps while having a great battle with Jason Quale for the top spot.  Quale would soon be able to get by Weller for the lead with Eric Rhead right on his heels. The two would enter turns 1 and 2 nose to tail and as they exited turn 2, the two cars touched with Quale going nose first into the backstretch wall and turning over onto his roof.  The car would slide on its roof for a short distance before coming to a stop.  He would be able to climb out of the car with no injuries.  After a lengthy red flag period, the green flag few once again with Eric Rhead now as the leader.  Zach Telford would grab second with Zach Webster now in third and Lynn Hardy was working his way through the field from the back moving his way to the front. The yellow flag would come out for a slowing Telford which eventually stopped on the frontstretch.  Back to green flag racing and Hardy would now be challenging Webster for second.  Hardy and Webster would run side by side for a lap before Hardy getting by Webster.  Webster would try to a cross over move coming out of turn 4 while taking the white flag and would have a wheel under Hardy entering turn 1, the two would touch coming out of turn 2 with Hardy spinning and Webster coming to a stop.  Rhead would take the checkered flag and as a result of the altercation between Hardy and Webster, Casey Pehrson and Rosalee Weller would finish a respectable second and third place.  

The final main event of the night was the Project Filter Bombers.  Brandon Adams would take command early with Beverly Meyers, Ike Miller, Craig McCann, and Danny Gilliam all running in close quarters.  Ike Miller would jump to the high side of Meyers in turns 3 and 4 while battling for second.  The two would touch sending Meyers squirrely coming out of turn 4.  Some more contact with other cars now sent Meyers to the infield out of control.  She would make heavy contact with an infield barrier with the car coming to stop soon after.  The car would receive heavy damage and Meyers emerged from the car with minor injuries.  We wish Beverly Meyers and speedy recovery.  Back to green flag racing and the action was exciting at the front of the field between Adams, McCann, Gilliam, and Miller.  The four of them would run in a tight pack throughout the entire race occasionally making contact with each other and in the end, Brandon Adams would be the first under the checkered flag claiming his first win of the year.  

We take next weekend off for Labor Day weekend but will be back in action on Saturday, Sept. 7th for K&T Steel Night.  The Bud Modifieds will be back in action for double main events along with the Magic Valley Pipe Midgets, Project Filter Bombers, Quale’s Electronics Jr Stingers, and Extreme Staffing & Payroll Double Deckers.  Gates open at 5pm with Nascar Racing at 6pm!  Happy Labor Day everyone and we will see you in two weeks where all of the magic happens………Magic Valley Speedway!!

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