1.1.1. Magic Valley Speedway Tech Officials recommend that you carefully study the MVS Rule Book in order to be familiar with all aspects of Stockcar racing.

1.1.2. This general rule section applies to each and every driver, mechanic and/or pit personnel.

1.1.2.A. Rules that do not apply will be specifically noted in class rules

1.1.3. General rules found in section one of the MVS rulebook must be met to compete in any class at MVS unless otherwise noted.

1.1.4. You will know the rules ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.

1.1.5. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum requirements for such events.

1.1.6. These rules shall govern the condition of all Magic Valley Speedway events, and, by participating in these events, all participants imply they have complied with these rules and if found otherwise will accept all penalties.

 1.1.7. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.

1.1.8. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants or spectators.

1.1.9. It is the responsibility of the driver of the car to see that his car completely satisfies the rules, including but not limited to all safety rules.

1.1.10. The driver of each car represents to the promoter and all others that his car has satisfied all applicable rules, including but not limited to safety rules, whenever such driver participates in a warm-up, practice, or competitive laps.

1.1.11. Magic Valley Speedway is private property.

1.1.12. Any person on this property without the permission of Magic Valley Speedway and the City of Twin Falls is guilty of trespass and subject to the penalties prescribed by law.

1.1.13. Through your registration or association, you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities.

1.1.14. The management of the Magic Valley Speedway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of:

    • the sport of auto racing,
    • your fellow competitors,
    • the fans,
    • management
    • and the employees of Magic Valley Speedway.

1.1.15. Any signage other than on the racecar or sides of the tow vehicle prohibited on the Speedway property unless approved in advance by Speedway management.

1.1.16. If you do something to your car that these rules have over-looked & we feel give you an edge or advantage over other competitors, you may be required to change your car.

1.1.16.A. We intend for all cars to be competitive with each other.

1.1.17. If you are considering a part, modification or procedure not covered in these rules contact the Magic Valley Speedway Chief Steward before proceeding with any purchase or modification.

1.1.18. If you have any questions regarding the rules set forth, contact the Magic Valley Speedway.

1.1.19. In keeping with Magic Valley Speedway’s commitment to maintaining proper balance in the competition arena, it may be necessary for Magic Valley Speedway to make rule changes and/or rule modifications from time to time.

1.1.19.A. Such changes are designed to enhance close competition.

1.1.20. Magic Valley Speedway’s goal of a full starting field of various car makes in each race that are equally matched as possible is certainly in the overall best interest of the sport.

1.1.21. The promoter will have safety and emergency equipment on the premises.

1.1.22. No racecars shall be allowed on track until the track has been opened for official practice.

1.1.23. No person will be permitted to ride on or in a racecar at any time unless driving.

1.1.24. No ATV’s, scooters, or golf carts may be operated in pit area without MVS approval.

1.1.25. If your tire or rim is left at track you will be charged a $50.00 disposal fee.

1.1.26. Magic Valley Speedway Tech Officials recommend that you carefully study the Rule Book in order to be familiar with all aspects of MVS racing.

1.1.27. If you are considering a part, modification or procedure not covered in these rules contact the Magic Valley Speedway Chief Steward before proceeding with any purchase or modification.

1.1.28. If you have any questions regarding the rules set forth, contact the Magic Valley Speedway Chief Steward

1.1.29. In keeping with Magic Valley Speedway’s commitment to maintaining proper balance in the competition arena, it may be necessary for Magic Valley Speedway to make rule changes and/or rule modifications from time to time.

1.1.30. Such changes are designed to enhance close competition.

1.1.31. Magic Valley Speedway’s goal of a full starting field of various car makes in each race that are equally matched.


1.2.1. Posted on the Pit Check-in building wall is a certificate of benefits for everyone legally entering into the pit area.

1.2.2. All participants must show valid license each time they enter pit area.

1.2.3. Each participant may be required to show a picture I.D. before entering pit area.

1.2.4. Call the Speedway to discuss any aspect of the insurance at any time.

1.2.5. You and your crew members are covered with as broad benefits as the racers in the major racing associations in the US.

1.2.6. Each participant with a competitor or pit permit, and who has signed the release sheet for the event for which the competitor or pit permit is issued, is eligible to be entitled to benefits if he is accidentally injured as the result of external violent and visible means while participation in said Event.

1.2.7. All competitors will abide by the decisions of the Benefit Plan officials in administering the Benefit Plan.

1.2.8. No participant will be allowed in the pit area until he or she has secured a pit permit and read signed the release sheet for that event.

1.2.9. You must read and understand the waiver you are signing.

1.2.10. Pit permits are non transferable and are not to be worn or signed for by anyone except the person to whom it is assigned.

1.2.11. Any attempts to enter or remain in the pit area without an appropriate pass may result in a fine, indefinite suspension for entire crew, and loss of all monies and points for affiliated team.

1.2.12. Magic Valley Speedway assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicle or any parts by any means whatsoever.

1.2.13. MINORS: No one under the age of 21 years old can be admitted to the pit area without proper ID and releases from parent or guardian.

1.2.13.A. Arrangements should be made in advance for minor admittance to the pit area.

1.2.14. If involved in an accident involving injuries, no matter the severity, advise the Chief Steward in charge immediately so the necessary reporting may be completed.

1.2.14.A. No claims will be considered unless a report is filled out prior to leaving the speedway property the day the injury occurred.

1.2.14.B. If physically unable, your crew must be responsible for the necessary reports.

1.2.14.C. Any participant involved in an accident while on the racing premises and who does not report the injury to the Chief Steward before leaving the premises (providing that person is physically able to make such a report) will not be eligible for benefits prescribed under the plan posted.

1.2.14.D. Any participant returning to competition shall be deemed, for the purposes of the benefit plan, to be physically fit, and further disability benefits and/or medical benefits shall cease as of that date.

1.2.15. Must be physically fit for racing.

1.2.16. Must be at least 14 years old to compete in NASCAR Classes.

1.2.17. If less than 21 years of age, must file a full executed and signed minors release form.

1.2.17.A. Certified Birth Certificate or copy of driver’s license must be on file.

1.2.18. No driver may race if she is pregnant

1.2.19. All participants competing in classes outlined in this rulebook must be members of Magic Valley Speedway to receive points and year end points fund.

1.2.20. Applications are available online or at the Speedway office or by calling (208) 734-3700.

1.2.21. Magic Valley Speedway will attempt to reassign all numbers that were taken in previous year to those who had them in the previous season.

1.2.21.A. Numbers will be held only until January 31st.

1.2.21.B. Febuary 1st remaining numbers will be available on a first come first served basis.

1.2.22. Numbers will be one or two numeric digits only. No letters will be allowed.

1.2.23. Only 1 car number allowed per driver in each division.

1.2.24. Magic Valley Speedway contingency sponsor decals will be provided to each competing team and are required for competition, purse and awards.

1.2.25. All decals must be displayed in front of the number on the door or on front fender as described in the rulebook.

1.2.26.  To qualify for contingency, use of product may be required.

1.2.27. Magic Valley Speedway patch must be on right side of driver’s uniforms.

1.2.28. Any competitor who wishes to compete consents to the use of their name, numbers, likenesses, pictures of themselves, and their car for publicity, advertising and endorsements both before and after the events, and relinquishes any rights to photos taken in connection with events and consents to the publication or sale of such photos as the Magic Valley Speedway so desires.

1.2.29. Drivers with outstanding fines won’t be eligible for participation

1.2.29.A. All fines will be payed by cash or cashier’s check before driver is allowed back in MVS.


1.3.1. The track may not be used for practice at any time other than the times designated by MVS.

1.3.1.A. All insurance is secondary.

1.3.2. Practice sessions may be scheduled to help drivers get more practice time.

1.3.3. Parent or guardian must complete and sign appropriate forms for anyone under 21 years old.

1.3.4. Track rentals must be reserved by calling the Speedway office or arranging with track management.

1.3.5. Rental times and rates may vary and are subject to change.

1.3.6. Rental is open to any car or cars, however, only one car on track at a time.

1.3.7. Rental fee may be by car or by the hour.


1.4.1. Drivers are responsible for all their crew and team members.

1.4.2. Any fighting or reckless driving in the pit area or on the track may subject the offender to fine or suspension depending on the seriousness of the incident.

1.4.3. Any continuing problems from the same individual may result in fine or permanent suspension.

1.4.4. Courteous conduct is expected from all participants at all times.

1.4.5. We do not tolerate profanity in front of race fans, officials, or management; profane signs on cars, sex signs, swastikas, Nazi symbols on car or clothes.

1.4.6. We expect you to look and act like a professional, be clean and look respectable.

1.4.7. At any time the display of any type of weapon threat of bodily harm may result in permanent suspension for the entire racing crew and may result in arrest of all parties involved.

1.4.8. The scoring tower is off limits to the participants except by permission of the Chief Steward. 

1.4.9. Anytime the conduct of any team member or driver is a discredit to the Speedway, the racing industry, or to himself, he or she may be removed from all racing activity at the Speedway and may be fined or suspended.

1.4.10. The speedway may dictate fines or penalties for the offense.

1.4.10.A. Penalties and fines for violation may be implemented per the rulebook to all participants at the discretion of the officials.

1.4.11. Every driver must inspect the racing surface and the racetrack to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything, which, in his opinion, is unsafe, and he shall report that condition to the Chief Steward.

1.4.12. Any driver entering any racing event is considered to have inspected the track and all conditions are satisfactory to him or her.

1.4.12.A. If not, They should not race.

1.4.13. The participant further indicates that he is aware that auto racing involves risks and assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.

1.4.14. It is the duty of all drivers, car owners and mechanics to bring to the attention of the officials any unsafe equipment or practices or any rule violations of any car or driver.

1.4.15. Shoes and proper clothing are required.

1.4.16. Drivers may inspect other drivers vehicles whenever they are in “general areas” such as the tech shack or on the starting grid

1.4.16.A. Drivers may not touch another drivers vehicle during inspection without permission

1.4.16.B. This inspection does not include scale numbers

1.4.16.C. Drivers must listen to officials if asked to leave an area in which a car is being teched

1.4.17. Drivers may not enter another drivers pit without permission from that driver

1.4.17.A. Drivers may ask any person excluding officials to leave their pit at anytime without reason

1.4.18. During racing events, the consumption or distribution of any alcoholic beverage before the final checkered flag or controlled substances at any time in the pit area is strictly prohibited.

1.4.19. Glass containers prohibited in the pit area at all times, this includes post race and practice times.

1.4.20. All drivers are required to attend the drivers meeting.

1.4.20.A. Drivers that are at the track and miss role call might start their feature in the last position.

1.4.20.B. Drivers not at the track during the pit meeting must meet with the track steward before entering the track surface.

1.4.20.C. Failing to do so will result in starting their feature in the last position.

1.4.21. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare each car FREE of defects and in safe racing condition.


1.5.1. The chief steward shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

1.5.1.A. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications.

1.5.2. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.

1.5.3. The racing officials and management will resolve any disagreement over technical questions or operations.

1.5.4. When their decision is rendered, such decision is final.

1.5.4.A. If an Appeal is made. Then it must go through the appeals process.

1.5.5. Exceptions to the rules and specifications may be made on a temporary basis at the discretion of the Speedway Management.

1.5.6. Any complaints, disputes, questions or problems must be directed to the Chief Steward immediately following the final main event of the evening.

1.5.7. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that cannot be anticipated at the time rules are formulated. Hence, if necessary, rules may be updated, modified, added to or deleted.

1.5.8. The “Except in Rare Instances” rule will be in effect at all times.

1.5.9. Magic Valley Speedway Tech Officials reserve the right to make final decisions in the interpretation of any rules or race procedures at any time.

1.5.10. No equipment will be considered approved by reason of having passed inspection.

1.5.11. At any time, before, during or after an event, officials may require additional measures or equipment or make additional determinations, as they deem necessary to further reduce the risks to competitors.

1.5.12. All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time.

1.5.13. If cars are weighed after race, minimum weights must be met without adding anything but fuel.

1.5.14. Wheels and tires may not be changed.

1.5.15. Any car failing to achieve its pre race weight is subject to loss of position/positions and/or fine at the chief steward’s discretion.

1.5.16. All weights will be with driver and equipment in driving position

1.5.17. All minimums must be met at pre race tech.

1.5.18. Helmet must accompany vehicle at time of inspection.

1.5.19. Any part of equipment found during an inspection or any other time at an event that does not meet applicable Magic Valley Speedway standards, must be surrendered to the Magic Valley Speedway Tech Official at that time, and will not be returned.

1.5.20. Failing to do so will result in; a fine, and/or loss of championship points, and/or definite or indefinite suspension from Magic Valley Speedway for driver, owner, crew and car.

1.5.21. Magic Valley Speedway Tech Officials reserve the right to make final decisions in the interpretation of any rules or race procedures at any time.

1.5.22. No tools or equipment allowed on the grid or on track during introductions.

1.5.23. If a tire goes flat on the grid two officials must be present to the change of another tire.

1.5.24. Failing to do so or refusing inspection will result in; a fine, and/or loss of championship points, and/or definite or indefinite suspension from magic valley speedway.

1.5.25. Multiple infractions will result in a fine, and/or loss of championship points, and/or suspension from MVS.

1.5.26. No adjustments, additions or changes may be made to any car after passing pre-race inspection unless specifically addressed in your division’s rulebook.

1.5.26.A. Any violation of this rule will require the car to be rechecked and the starting position of that car will be moved to the rear of the main event.

1.5.27. All divisions covered in this book will require the top 5 finishers in each main event to report directly to the post race inspection area.

1.5.27.A. Any driver failing to come directly to the inspection area will lose his/her position in that event.

1.5.27.B. The car/driver will be placed in the last position in the main event.

1.5.28. The management of Magic Valley Speedway may exercise to right to require mystery guests to report post race inspection area.

1.5.28.A. When mystery guests are requested the drivers will be informed over the radios before they exit the racing surface after the event.

1.5.28.B. He/she will be required to go directly to the post race inspection area and is subject to the same penalty as a top 5 driver failing to go the inspection area.

1.5.29. Open Tech closes 5 minutes before the drivers meeting.

1.5.30. Only track tech allowed after drivers meeting.

1.5.31. Any car failing to pass pre-race inspection Qualifying, Heats, Mains will be allowed 5 minutes to return to the drivers pit and get one attempt to make necessary adjustments to comply with the rules.

1.5.32. Any car failing qualify tech an then passing qualify tech will get 1 lap the first lap in qualifying.

1.5.33. Any car failing to qualify or start the heat race due to failing pre-race inspection will be forced to start at the rear of the events left that night.

1.5.34. You must pass pre-race inspection to race.

1.5.35. If you fail pre-race for the main & don’t race that night then you start last in all events the next time you race in that class.

1.5.36. Any driver failing to pass post race tech will be penalized and be forced to start at the rear of all events the next time the driver competes during the season in that class. If that class is allowed drops, DQ’s will not be allowed to be dropped. 


1.6.1. The Speedway management and officials will establish the length, frequency and administration of all events and programs and their decision is final and binding.

1.6.2. The management and officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final.

1.6.3. The only people allowed on the racetrack and infield are racing officials and employees of MVS.

1.6.4. Everyone must stay away from the track at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason by an official or competing in an event.

1.6.5. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement.

1.6.6. When crashed, stay in your car, unless in immediate danger- such as fire.

1.6.6.A. DO NOT get out of your car to examine the damage to your car.

1.6.6.B. Keep your safety belts, Helmet and head restraints on and lower your window net if you do not need medical attention.

1.6.7. Pit crews, owners and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury.

1.6.8. Exiting your car while on the racing surface or infield area when you are not in immediate danger or have not been directed to by an official may result in a fine and penalty.

1.6.8.A. 1st offense may result in a fine of up to $1,000 dollars and up to 30 day suspension.

1.6.8.B. 2nd offense may result in up to $2,500.00 dollar fine and up to one year suspension.

1.6.9. Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization.

1.6.9.A. An official will O.K. your entry at the track entrance and signal for you to proceed.

1.6.10. Scheduling of time by the Management will not allow practice except under formal track rental agreements as outlined in section 1.16 of the general rules.

1.6.11. Any competing vehicle, whose speed has been reduced to a point where it causes a safety problem or retards the track activity, will be removed from the racing surface at the option of the officials.

1.6.12. Our racing program is based on the availability of enough vehicles qualified to run the event.

1.6.13.  If this number is not available, alternate scheduling or programming may be used.

1.6.14. Magic Valley Speedway reserves the right to cancel an event or any portion of any event.

1.6.15. Racing events may be “lined-up” in various ways to accomplish the best racing.

1.6.16. No driver may get out of his car or stop on the racing surface or infield to argue or discuss the race with the Starter or Officials or to complain about other drivers.

1.6.17. In the event a driver sees debris or fluid on the racing surface he/she may report it to the corner flagman during a caution.

1.6.18. If this rule is violated, the driver may be disqualified for the event or fined and suspended according to the decision of the officials.

1.6.19. Any event is completed when over one half of the scheduled length has been run by the leader or terminated by the officials for safety reasons or time allotment.

1.6.20. Each car may qualify once, whether by time trials or Qualifying races.

1.6.21. A driver may swap with a driver of another car that has qualified and competed in preliminary events.

1.6.21.A. This driver must start at the rear of the field.

1.6.21.B. Drivers may improve start position if positions may be improved through qualifying or semi feature type events.

1.6.22. Failure to run in qualifying or heat type events will exclude car from the feature field, except in instances where feature field is not full.

1.6.23. Car and driver must run all preliminary events to maintain feature-starting position.

1.6.24. A driver may qualify an additional car

1.6.24.A. Doing so disqualifies the first car and time.

1.6.25. No drivers may be relieved. No driver may return to the race with a different car then they started the same race. Novelty and Dog races are exempt for this rule.

1.6.26. Flag and Light Signals will be used as follows

    • Green Flag: Used to start the race, and during restarts.
    • Yellow Flag: Signals a caution drivers must slow to a reasonable speed
    • Red Flag: Signals immediate danger stop as soon as safely possible
    • Black Flag: Go to the Pits. Rolled up and pointed is used as warning
    • Blue w/ Orange Stripe: Leaders are lapping you drive a consistent line
    • White Flag: Shown when the leader starts the final lap must be followed by checkered
    • Checkered Flag: Signals the end of the race

1.6.27. Flags and light signals will be used as described above, with the following modifications.

1.6.28. On all yellows the driver that caused the yellow will go to the rear of the field behind lap cars.

1.6.28.A. If the cause cannot be determined both drivers will go to the back

1.6.29. The tap out rule is used.

1.6.29.A. A driver tapping the roof of their car is claiming responsibility for the caution

1.6.30. Cars avoiding will retain their spot if they can continue without help. 

1.6.31. All lap cars to the back of the field (behind lead lap cars) on restarts in lap order

1.6.32. The yellow flag will be shown to the first car passing the starter after occurrence of a caution.

1.6.33. All cars must not pass any other car during caution period as long as cars maintain pace speed.

1.6.34. Cars returning to the track  from the pit area while the yellow or Red flag is present must restart from rear of field behind all other drivers.

1.6.35. On the initial start no passing until you cross the start/Finish line.

1.6.36. On restarts the race starts when the green flag is waved.

1.6.37. No driver shall compete in any event with head or arm extended outside of racecar.

1.6.38. All Heat Races and Main Events will start and restart Double File

1.6.39. The leader will choose high or low at the start finish line, all other cars will fill the next available position.

1.6.39.A. If you don’t get it right you will be moved to the rear of the field.

1.6.40. Any driver not racing previous event will start at rear of all events that night.

1.7.   PAYOUT

1.7.1. The starting driver shall earn all points.

1.7.2. All payments will be made to the starting driver.

1.7.3. Payout based on points earned

1.7.3.A. Must take the green to earn points in each event.

1.7.4. Payoff will be made only for events actually completed.

1.7.4.A. Never will events be paid when not run.

1.7.5. When rain or some unforeseeable or fortuitous event shortens a program, yet “considered” completed and no rain checks issued, payoff will be made for events completed.

1.7.5.A. In this event, lengthened feature may be run at the next practical time.

1.7.6. All winnings will be paid at the next event at the back gate.

1.7.7. If owner is to receive tax information, it is the driver’s responsibility to notify the speedway in writing prior to December 1st.

1.7.8. Classes with year end points funds, drivers must run in 80% of events to collect year end funds.

1.7.9. Drivers must run the previous event in the class to receive full awards and payout.

1.7.10. Failure to complete 100% of a race may result in a reduced payout


1.8.1. Absolutely no devices for the purpose of transmitting any information to or from the cars will be tolerated in the pit area unless specifically allowed in class rules.

1.8.2. Professional lettering and painting is required.

1.8.3. All racecars must be neat appearing with good paint job.

1.8.4. A number of 18 inches or more in height must appear on both doors of the car in a contrasting color. 

1.8.5. Cars must display roof top numbers of at least 24″ high

1.8.5.A. Number must be readable from the right side of the car.

1.8.6. Numbers of 6” or more may be required on both the front and rear of the cars in some classes

1.8.7. No “FOR SALE” signs allowed on car while on the track, without approval of chief steward.

1.8.8. Decals may be required for series or class sponsors.

1.8.8.A. Purse and point fund monies will be forfeited if decals or patches not run as required by class.

1.8.9. Additions to car bodies, such as fins, wings, scoops, signs, etc. will not be permitted in regular racing unless posted in your class rules.

1.8.10. No ceramic or titanium components allowed in engine, drive train, or suspension.

1.8.11. No carbon fiber components or coated products allowed, except in helmets.

1.8.12. No chemical coatings allowed in engine internal areas of intake manifold, exhaust manifold and heads.

1.8.13. All cars with fuel cells must have fuel cap tethered to cell or car.

1.8.14. Classes that require rev limiters must be located as follows.

1.8.14.A. Must be mounted in the far right side of the car on dash in visible location

1.8.14.B. Must be out of drivers reach

1.8.14.C. Must be mounted with rev chip facing up

1.8.14.D. Wires must be easily followed to all connections  

1.8.15. The rev limit chips may not be touched by drivers or crew members.

1.8.16. MVS reserves the right to require boxes to be exchanged with like box at any time.

1.8.17. Added weight must be in block form of no less than 5-pound blocks (No pellets).

1.8.18. Added weight must be securely bolted in place.

1.8.19. Dislodged weight may not be returned to car for weighing after race.

1.8.20. All added weight must be painted white with car number clearly marked.

1.8.21. Center of steering post must be padded with at least two inches of resilient material.

1.8.22. All casting numbers and part numbers will remain unaltered to be legal.

1.8.23. Fire extinguisher must be securely attached and within easy reach of driver in car.

1.8.24. Fire extinguisher also required outside rear of car hauler or on pit box minimum 5#.

1.8.25. Rib type window net (minimum 16” X 20”) on driver’s window is required.

1.8.26. Limited slip, posi-track, gold trac, Detroit lockers etc. not allowed.

1.8.27. No softening, conditioning, siping or grooving of tires allowed. Minimum durometer reading enforced.

1.8.28. Batteries may not be located in cockpit

1.8.29. No antifreeze allowed in cooling system.

1.8.30. Helmets are required and must be Snell SA2010 unless specified in class rules.

1.8.31. Helmets must be worn at all times while on track surface.

1.8.32. All drivers must wear race gloves and neck support.

1.8.33. All cars must be self- starting without being pushed or pulled.

1.8.34. All cars will be required to run the “Receiver Radio”

1.8.35. All Receiver radios must be set to the Race Control frequency at all times.

1.8.36. Magic Valley Speedway will post the frequency used each night at the tech inspection area.

1.8.37. Any Receiver radio found on another frequency during any racing event may result in loss of all points earned that night. Excluding lates

1.8.38. No electronic traction control devices allowed.

1.8.38.A. Penalty is a $10,000.00 fine and loss of car till fine is paid.

1.8.39. No devices for transmitting except scorekeeping devices required by MVS.

1.8.40. No mirrors allowed in any weekly classes except classes with radios.

1.8.41. No wheel weights allowed.

1.8.42. Weight may not be added ahead of the front spindles, or behind the rear axle.  

1.8.43. All electrical switches must be located on the dash panel or within easy reach of the driver.

1.8.44. A master “on-off” switch must be clearly marked and in the center of the car on dash or roll bar.

1.8.45. Any car that is using the stock ignition switch will not be required a master on off switch.

1.8.46. No bump stops on or in shocks or on chassis will be allowed Except in Super Late Models.

1.8.47. One spring rubber allowed per spring Except in Super Late Models.

1.8.48. No rear Sway Bars will be allowed.

1.8.49. Transponders are required in all classes that run at MVS.

1.8.49.A. Transponders are available for rent from Magic Valley Speedway, for purchase from MVS dealer.

1.8.50. Transponder mounting location; MVS Rented transponders must be in clip or pouch only.

1.8.50.A. Super Stocks Transponder must be mounted 168 inches from the most forward trailing edge of the front bumper. Late Models behind rearend.

1.8.50.B. Street Stocks transponders must be mounted 186 inches from the most forward trailing edge of the front bumper.

1.8.50.C. Hornet transponders must be mounted 144 inches from the most forward trailing edge of the front bumper.

1.8.51. In the event that the overall length of the car will not support the above measurements the Chief Steward will assign the location of the transponder.

1.8.52. All transponders must be mounted on the right side frame rail perpendicular to the ground and unobstructed. 

1.8.53. If the Fuel line goes through the cockpit must not be more than a max of 1/2″ off the floor.

1.8.54. Lead cannot be stacked in the cockpit higher than 2 1/2″ (two & a half inches)

1.8.55. All cars shall meet the track DB rule of 98DB.

1.8.56. All exhaust must exit under car in front of rearend.


1.8.57. Minimum five point racing safety belts required.

1.8.57.A. Metal to metal buckles are required on shoulder and seat belts

1.8.57.B. Must be mounted securely to the roll cage

1.8.57.C. 3 years old maximum.

1.9. FUEL ALL CLASSES: Bombers-Hornets-Stingers

1.9.1. Only 90-93 Octane ethanol gasoline that may be acquired from a public access pump allowed.

1.9.2. Gas shall not be mixed or blended with anything.

1.9.3. Must be comparable to all other drivers fuel.

1.9.4. No icing or cooling of fuel, carb, fuel tank, fuel or intake is permitted in garage, pit, or racing areas.

1.9.5. Drivers may be required to run track fuel.

1.9.6. Track may test any fuel on the premises.

1.9.7. The intent of this rule is to run gas that is ran in a street car, thus keeping costs down.

1.9.8. Fuel Rule Penalty is $3,000.00.

Super Lates-Modifieds-Minis-Streets

1.9.9 No Achchol Allowed. Race Gas is allowed. No Additives.



1.10.1. Banked tires and car number must stay with that driver in that type of car.

1.10.2. If a non banked tire is run

1.10.2.A. 1st offense. driver will receive no points for the race ran and lose that tire on

1.10.2.B. 2nd offense same as 1st with loss additional banked tire.

1.10.2.C. 3rd offense same as 2nd offense with additional $500.00 fine.

1.10.3. Transferring banked tires to another driver or swapping new tires will be a $5.00 fee to MVS for paperwork.


1.11.1. Anyone may protest a crate motor before the main event checker flag flies.

1.11.1.A. $1000.00 in cash to chief steward.

1.11.2. Protested team shall pull engine and turn over to track officials.

1.11.3. Engine will be delivered to engine tester of MVS choice.

1.11.4. If legal engine will be returned to owner and $400.00 from protest.

1.11.5. If illegal MVS will keep engine and protester gets $1000.00 back.

1.11.6. MVS may claim the shocks off any racecar it feels may have an advantage over the rest of the field for $300.00 for all 4 shocks

1.11.6.A. Refusal 1.5.19 penalties will apply.


MVS = Magic Valley Speedway

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