Mini Stocks


10.1 All safety rules must be followed from general rules.

10.2 All cars may run any single engine with 4 cylinders or less (rotary allowed).

10.3 Breakout time is 16.750. The breakout zone starts with the leader who can always breakout. The breakout zone extends one full car-length from the rear bumper of the leader. If there are multiple cars in the breakout zone, the zone then extends to one car-length behind the rearmost car in the group down to 5th place.( Breakout doesn’t apply to 6th or further back.) The breakout zone is determined by officials and measured at the start finish line. Officials are not required to inform drivers if they are in the breakout zone. Any car that breaks out will pull out of line and drop back four positions before they continue racing. Any driver failing to do so within 2 laps will lose one lap. If 3rd and 4th are outside the breakout zone and 1st and 2nd breakout, 3rd will be determined to be the new leader but cannot breakout until their next full lap. (i.e. not the lap they just completed.)

10.4 Transponders (may be adjusted at track, if needed) Mini Mods must be located no more than 12″ in front of the rear end. Mini Stocks must be located no less than 12″ behind the rear end.

10.5 Nerf bars must be within 1/2″ of the outside tire line(inside or outside).  The ends of the nerf bars must be connected or bent in the last 4″ to the body line. All tires must be protected.

10.6 Drivelines must be painted White

10.7 All Minis must run bumpers. Maximum 2 horizontal bars and Max 1.75″ OD. Ends must be connected or wrapped around to prevent hooking. Bumpers also fall under 10.5 measurements.

10.8 Cars must have all 4 brakes operational and able to stop the car.

10.9 Hoosier Tires only purchased from MVS

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