Mini Stocks


10.1 Breakout Rule to start the season is 16.750. Any lap faster than this will not count. This is a moving target voted on by the drivers.

10.2 All cars may run any engine with 4 cylinders or less (rotary allowed). 

10.3 All safety rules must be followed from general rules. 

10.4 Transponders (may be adjusted at track, if needed)

       A) Mini Mods must be located in front of the rear end, within 12″

        B) Mini Stocks must be located behind the rear end, within 12″

10.5 Nerf bars must be within 1/2″ of the outside tire line.  All tires must be protected.

10.6 Turbos or supercharges allowed in this class only.

10.7 Drivelines must be painted White

10.8 All Minis must run bumpers 


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