1. Driver eligibility.

1.1 Drivers must be no younger than 14 and no years of age. And hold a NASCAR Div. 1 License.

1.2 The parent or legal guardian of a driver 17 or younger must have a minor’s release.


2. Modified Chassis-

2.1 Any OEM style front clip or fabricated type chassis allowed. Fabricated front clips will meet the templates when requested to submit.
2.2 108.0” wheelbase. Left side at 108, right side measured over or under.

2.3 78” is maximum width, front or rear. Measured at tire bulge.

2.3.1 Front may be checked on compressed springs with driver in car, measured at the top of the tire at the bulge.

2.4 Industry Standard roll cage and door bars required. Door plates mandatory.

2.5 Total weight minimum with driver is 2440 lbs. and 58.2% left side, (pre 2500 & 58%) post feature and pre or post qualifying.

2.6 Any ballast shall be securely fastened painted white and labeled with car number

2.7 Engine Compartment-

2.7.1 Rear of engine (bell housing flange) must be mounted at least 72’’ forward from the centerline of the rear axle.

2.7.2 Engine offset must be kept within two inches of the centerline of the front crossmember with engine level.

2.7.3 Radiator shall be located in front of the engine.


3. Body-.

3.1 Must be of Modified style, engine compartment open w/ no side panels or inner panels.

3.2 Horizontal width at the back of the deck shall be no more than 6” wider than the horizontal width of the deck at the A pillar.

3.3 Left side door and quarter panels to be parallel with the frame. Right side panels shall be in place. 4’’ maximum height skirting approved.

3.4 Nose panel 45.5” maximum total width, including splitter and sides scoop. Nose panel shall remain within the confines of the front bumper. No part of the nose or splitter may be more than 3.5” forward of the bumper. 3.5 Windshield is optional, all cars shall have A and B pillar roof supports.

3.6 Windshield will have minimum 3 vertical bars in front of driver

3.7 Left and right-side window openings shall be minimum 12” measured at center of opening.

3.9 Spoiler not to exceed 240 sq inches, example 4”x60” or 3.5” x 68.57”. No more than 4 forward braces on spoiler, no longer than 10” starting at zero height at forward most location.


4. Cockpit

4.1 All modern and industry standard safety equipment is highly recommended.

4.2 Driver shall be sealed off from all drivetrain components and fluids

4.3 Driver in-car adjustable chassis or engine devices not approved. Exception Brake Bias.


5. Front Suspension & Steering

5.1 Un altered OEM and in Stock Location exceptions below.

5.2 Upper control arms optional

5.3 Lower control arms will be OEM no cutting or welding, exception: shock mounts and ball joint replacement.

5.4 Lower control arm bushing will be 0 offset

5.5 One steel, non-progressive spring per wheel, minimum 4.5” OD. No torsion bars, bags or inner liners.

5.5 Front sway bar optional

5.6 Tie rods and tie rod ends optional

5.7 Spindles will be OEM unaltered. Exception: reaming for ball joint fitment, tapping of steering arm to accept bolt. 5.8 Aftermarket safety hub approved.

5.9 Rack & Pinion not approved. All Steering components will be OEM or OEM stye replacement in OEM location. 5.10 steering quickeners approved. Idler Pitman and Center Link can be aftermarket style.


6. Shocks

6.1 One steel nonadjustable, unaltered shock per corner. No air shocks or remote reservoirs External dampening not approved, Shrader valve is only legal gas port. Compressed air bump stops not approved.


7. Rear Suspension

7.1 Independent rear suspension unapproved. Main components must be steel.

7.2 Leaf rear shall be steel or composite leaf springs

7.3 Coil overs or coil over eliminators may be used.

7.4 One steel, non-progressive spring per wheel, minimum 4.5” OD.

7.5 Only on mechanical traction bar may be used (pull or lift). 7.6 Rubber bumpers may be used on panhard and traction control bar only


8. Rear End

8.1 Rear end type optional

8.2 Full steel spool, steel mini spool or welded differential. Lockers not approved.

8.3 Steel axels only.


9. Bumpers

9.1 Rear Bumper shall be no more than 5” outside of frame rail. If wider than 5” on either side it shall be capped and bent forward 90*, or constructed in a loop design.

9.2 Front Bumpers will be constructed frame end to frame end, no wider than width of the material outside of frame horns and with the bottom loop parallel to the ground. Top bar must be directly above the bottom bar, minimum 6” apart.


10 Tires & Wheels

10.1 Maximum 8” in width

10.2 Track tire only (MVS)


11. Brakes

11.1 Calipers optional

11.2 Front Rotors OEM or OEM replacement

11.3 Rear Rotors any vented rotor. New thickness minimum .081”

11.4 Brake lines shall be visible, all 4 corners shall be operational.


12 Fuel System

12.1 One Gasoline or Alcohol carburetor.

12.2 Fuel pump will be mechanical, or belt driven at front of engine

12.3 Maximum 32-gallon industry standard fuel cell, with check valve vents in minimum 20-gauge container mounted behind rear end and between rear tires, minimum 4” ahead of rear bumper.

12.4 Fuel cell protector bar at rear of frame shall be mounted to extend past both sides of the cell and lower than the bottom of the cell.

12.5 FAST EZ-EFI or FAST XFI Sportsman continued use with prior approval.


13. Electronics

13.1 Battery shall be securely fastened between frame rails outside of cockpit. All cars shall start under their own power.

13.2 No transmitting or listening devices, timing retard controls, or digital gauges.

13.3 Ignition control boxes shall 12v, be non-adjustable and mounted out of drivers reach.

13.4 Ignition box may have a high-end rev limiter setting via rev chip

13.5 Magneto not approved. Traction control not approved.


14 Engine Specifications

14.1 Wet sump only

14.2 Any head approved;


15. Transmission & Driveshaft

15.1 Type and brand Optional- Must have all explosion proof bellhousing precautions in place.

15.2 Direct Drive not approved, must have at least two working forward gears and one working reverse gear

15.3 Drive shaft will be steel withe minimum 2” diameter, painted white and have steel slip yolks.

15.4 360* driveshaft loops required. Minimum .25” x 2’ steel or 1” tubing. Mounting 6’ from each u-joint.


16. Safety-


16.1 Charged Fire System Highly recommended. Head and Neck Restraint System Highly Recommended. Belts, window net, and Helmets must be in perfect condition and up to date. All Drivers must wear SFI rated suit, gloves, and shoes. SFI

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