Street Stocks

3. STREET STOCKS    2021


3.1.1.Any 1960 through 1988 with a factory wheelbase of not less than 108 inches allowed.

3.1.2.No factory performance cars allowed, including Barracudas, Challengers, Chargers, or Javelins.

3.1.3.No T-tops, sun-roofs, convertibles, jeeps, or trucks allowed.

3.1.3.A. El Camino and other body styles allowed with MVS approval.


3.2.1.No holes in the hood. Hood must seal all four sides

3.2.2.Complete bumper-to-bumper stock steel body must be maintained except

3.2.2.A. Plastic nose, tails and hoods allowed.

3.2.2.B. Aftermarket 5 Star stock appearing steel racing bodies allowed

3.2.2.C. Stock roof and A-post must be maintained.

3.2.3.Must be stock steel floor pan, firewalls may be moved must be min 22 gauge steel.

3.2.4.Front and rear firewall must be sealed completely from the driver.

3.2.5. Straps must be installed to prevent hooking if stock bumpers are used. All headlight and taillight holes must be covered.

3.2.6. Trunk and hood latches must be removed and replaced with hood pins.

3.2.7. Aluminum racing seats required, properly attached to roll cage. ( min 4 3/8″ Bolts )

3.2.8. Drivers door bars must be plated with 1/8” min steel from A post to B post.

3.2.9. Spoilers Maximum 6.5″ x 60″ attached at top and center of rear bumper cover.


3.3.1.All glass must be removed.

3.3.2. 1/8″ lexan must be used for windows.

3.3.3.A. 3 dash supports must be used to stop objects from entering the drivers cockpit.

3.3.4.A. Any windshield that interferes with vision must be replaced.


3.4.1. GM 602 is the class engine. Kidd performance is only 602 rebuilder allowed. After rebuild it must be dynoed by Kidd and sheets turned in to MVS. All engines centered in frame. #1 spark plug minimum 2″ forward of ball joint center line on all cars. Crank Height 13″. If you buy a used 602 crate motor, you will be required to have Mark Kidd dyno it and supply mvs with dyno sheet with crate motor serial number on paperwork. Claim on used 602 by any driver in the class racing is $2,000 if you have a new 602 purchased from MVS the claim is $4,000.

3.4.2. Non 602 built engines: No after market racing parts in engines. Maximum 9 to 1 Compression By MVS compression. Weight non 602 engines 3,400#s 54%left. Claim on ANY engine is $2,000 by any driver racing in the class.

3.4.3 Maximum 360 Cubic Inch. Engine swapping between corporate manufacturers allowed.

3.4.4 No high performance or Fuel injected or aluminum heads allowed. Double hump heads are allowed. Hydraulic cams only. no porting ,polishing is allowed on any head. Only standard valve jobs allowed.

3.4.5 Only Intake Allowed Edelbrock 2101 Intake.

3.4.6 Cam lift may not exceed .445 at the valve. Vacuume checked at 1000 RPM must be same as 602 crate engines. 

3.4.7 Stock Hydraulic lifters, push rods, and 1.5 Ratio rocker arms.

3.4.8 All cars must run a working tachometer.

3.4.9 Exhaust. Only header allowed Schoenfield 185 0r 185CM or 151CM No wraps or coatings inside or outside of exhaust. No center dump style exhaust.

3.4.10 Exhaust Must exit behind driver under the car and in front of the rear tires. Exhaust must not extend outside body line. Exhaust must not drag the track.

3.4.11 Any Power steering pump allowed with a V belt drive, remote reservoir OK.

3.4.12  Any water/crank pulleys allowed on engine with V belt drive.


3.5.1.All cars must run a Holley 2300 two barrel carburetor model number 4412. Must pass MVS carb tool check.

3.5.2.One spacer adapter moroso 01164966 between carb an intake. 1 normal gasket top and bottom installed between carburetor and intake manifold.

3.5.3.No polishing, grinding, or drilling of holes permitted.

3.5.4.The choke may be removed, but all screw holes must be permanently sealed.

3.5.5.The choke horn may be removed or altered.

3.5.6.Boosters may not be changed.

3.5.6.A. Size or shape must not be altered.

3.5.6.B. Height must remain standard.

3.5.7. Venturi area may not be altered in any manner.

3.5.8.Casting ring must not be removed.

3.5.9.All carbs must pass track inspection tools, or carburetor will be confiscated.

3.5.10. Base plate must not be altered in shape or design.

3.5.11. Stock butterflies must not be thinned or tapered.

3.5.12 Idle holes may be drilled in butterflies.

3.5.13 Screw ends may be cut even with shafts, but screw heads must remain standard.

3.5.14 Throttle shafts must remain standard and must not be thinned or cut in any way.

3.5.15 Any attempt to pull outside air other than down through the venturi is not permitted.

3.5.16 Alterations to allow additional air to be picked up below the opening of the venturi such as altered gaskets, base plates, and drilling holes into the carburetor will not be permitted. Carburetor jets must be the same type as furnished by the carburetor manufacturer.

3.5.18 No automatic jet system.

3.5.19 Any air filter under the hood.

3.5.20 Housing must be open 360 Degrees.


3.6.1.No dual point distributors

3.6.2.One 12V battery only

3.6.2.A. Must be strapped and securely covered.

3.6.2.B. Batteries must be safely and securely mounted Behind driver out of drivers compartment.

3.6.3.Working Master kill switch in center of car is required.


3.7.1.Radiators must be in stock location. Duel By-pass radiators & Flow restrictors recommended.

3.7.2.Radiator overflow catch-can, 1 Quart capacity or more. Must be mounted in front of firewall.

3.7.3.Electric fans for cooling radiator recommended.


3.8.1.OEM automatic 350 or 400 Turbo Transmissions 3250#s & 56% left. Stock cast iron manual transmissions allowed with all gears working and 10.5″ stock clutch 3300#s & 54% left hydraulic throw out bearings allowed. No other clutches allowed.

3.8.2. Stock ratio only Torque converters allowed.

3.8.3.Transmission cooler allowed in radiator or external mounted.

3.8.4. All cars must run a Rev box with a track chip.

3.8.5.It is mandatory that two 360 degree steel brackets, to be placed around the drive shaft and fastened to the floor or cross member of the car to prevent drive shaft from dropping to race track or hitting the driver. All drive shafts must be made of steel and painted white, minimum 2″ OD.


3.9.1.Brake pedal must mount in stock location.

3.9.2.Brakes must be operational and lock up all four wheels.

3.9.3.Brake bias device allowed front to rear only.

3.9.4.No after-market type brakes.

3.9.5.Brake master cylinder must remain unaltered and booster not required.


3.10.1. All vehicles must have a min 6 point roll cage, min 3 door bars on drivers side.

3.10.2. Must be constructed of at least 1 ¾”x.095 or better mild steel.

3.10.3. Roll bar must be located directly behind the driver and reach as close as possible to the roof and the left side of the car.

3.10.4. Roll bar must be back braced from the top of the bar to the rear car frame (or plate on floor) at approximate 45-degree angle.

3.10.5. Roll bar tubes must attach to the frame.

3.10.6. Drivers door bars must be completely plated with min 1/8″ steel from top to bottom and A post to B post.


3.11.1. Suspension & Chassis parts must remain absolutely stock except

3.11.2. Adjustable spring spacers and or leaf shackles allowed.

3.11.3. No Modifying of suspension is allowed except upper A-Arm mounts.

3.11.4. Must use stock lower arms. Tubular upper arms are allowed. Stock drag links and inner tie rods only. Tie rod tubes must be steel, heim allowed on outer tie rod tube.

3.11.5. Racing springs and spring rubbers allowed. Only 1 rubber per spring.

3.11.6. Minimum ground clearance is 5 inches ON EVERYTHING EXCEPT EXHAUST pre race driver out air pressure set to race.

3.11.7. No blocked shocks allowed.

3.11.8. No steering stabilizer shocks allowed.

3.11.11. No Bump stops.

3.11.12. Weight jacks are allowed.

3.11.13    4 Link cars are allowed adjustable UPPER Links to set Pinion. 

       3 LINKS allowed but fall under the added weight rules

3.11.14. No new or replacement equipment allowed, unless approved by MVS.

3.11.15. No high performance or rear sway bars allowed, even if stock for year and model.

3.11.16. One piece front sway bar with any mounts and adjusters allowed.

3.11.17. Shocks must be WB Pro Shocks Only. 


3.12.1. Reinforced steel 8”racing type wheel mandatory. Minimum 19#s.

3.12.2. Wheel spacers are allowed.

3.12.3. Tire softening or altering not allowed, durometer testing will be inforced.

3.12.4. All 970s must be bought from MVS.

3.12.5. All cars must come to tech race ready no adjustments after you passed inspection.

3.12.6. You must go directly to the grid no stoping no exceptions.

3.12.7. No tools or equipment on the grid or on the track for driver introductions.

3.12.8. Track width 107.5″ or less cars Line 2 per track referee (Approx toe 76”), Track width on 108″-110″ Line 3 per track referee (Approx toe 77″), Track width on 110.5″ cars Line 4 per track referee (Approx toe 78”)

3.12.11 Transponder 168″ from leading Edge front bumper.

3.13. Fuel & Fuel Cell

3.13.1. Only fuel is Ethanol pump gas no additives.

3.13.2. The Only OPTION Maximum 16 Gallon race fuel cell. Stock tank must be removed and replaced. Fuel cell must be secured with steel tubes, no less than two lengthwise and two crosswise 360 degrees both directions. Tubes must be made of 1 inch x 1 inch square tubing. Two tubes must support fuel cell container, minimum of 1 inch square tubing secured to frame. The bottom of the fuel cell container must have a minimum ground clearance of 8 inches. A 1/8th inch steel plate must be installed at the front and rear of the fuel cell frame work. Plate must be mounted on the outside and must extend from the top to bottom, and side to side of cell. One, 1 inch maximum vent outside of body at left rear tail light. Check valve must be installed to prevent fuel from coming out. Only one fuel line permitted from fuel cell to fuel pump. If run through drivers cockpit, fuel line must be in a tube mounted no more then 1/2 “ off of floor pan. Fuel cell centered in between frame rails

3.13.3. Fuel Rule Penalty is loss of all points, purse and point funds for the season.


3.14.1. Approved helmet SA 2010 minimum.

3.14.2. Five point minimum racing seat belts required.

3.14.3. Head & Neck Restraints recommended. If not used then racing donut required.

3.14.4. Window net required on the drivers side and must be mounted properly.

3.14.5. Fire retardant gloves, shoes, and fire suit required.

3.14.6. Center of steering wheel must be padded with a minimum of 2 inches of resilient material.

3.14.7 All rollbars must be padded if driver can reach.


3.15.1. Illegal parts will be confiscated. All drivers must monitor race control at all times.

3.15.2. Car number at least 5” high must be on passenger side windshield.


3.16.1. Competitors found using items that are not within the rule of being strictly stock will be penalized points and or purse.

3.17 Weights Pre Race

3.17.1 Auto transmission cars 3250#s & 56% left Pre Race.

3.17.2 Standard Transmission cars 3350#s & 55% left Pre Race.

3.16.2 Protesting Crate Motors

3.16.3 Anyone may protest a crate motor before the main event checker flag flies.

3.16.4    $900.00 in cash to race controll before main event starts.

3.16.5 Protested team shall pull engine and turn over to track officials.

3.16.6 Engine will be delivered to engine tester of MVS choice.

3.16.7 If legal engine will be returned to owner and $300.00 from protest.

3.16.8 If illegal MVS will keep engine and protester gets $500.00 back.

3.16.10 Refusal 1.5.19 penalties will apply.



Updated: 07/17/2021

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