Sunshine or Rain, We’re Doing This Thing!

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Saturday, April 30th 2022 was Jalopy Jungle night at Magic Valley Speedway. Before we could race, we had to wait out mother nature. Our incredible safety team drove around the track, dragging huge tractor tires, for nearly an hour! Once some heat was in the track, there was no delay to kickoff the first Heat of the evening!

   The Project Filter Bombers took to the track first. And the 78 of Kaitlin Wilcox and the 86 of Jeremiah Shope we’re quick to make the jump at the green! The two battled for a few laps when the 33 Brandon Adams uncharacteristically spins out and into the grass off turn one. Cautions came out and the field was lined back up into rows of 2. The first row to the inside was Shope, with Wilcox on the outside of him. Wilcox cleared Shope, and was quick to put an entire straightaway between her and the rest of the field. Though the 33 fought his way back to 2nd, it was Wilcox who finished 1st in this heat race.

   Next out we’re the Pepsi Mini stocks! The heat race kicked off with Mike Audet in the 55 leading the race for the first half of the race before having problems with his engine. The battle was on then between the 24 Zach Rydalch, and the 3 of Chad Everett. The two drivers battled hard when during the final laps Everett was loose of turn 4 and drove it into the grass. That left the door wide open for Rydalch to take the lead. Despite the 3’s best effort to catch back up, Rydalch wood claim the victory in this heat race. 

   The ICCU Modifieds rolled out for their 1st main event of the evening. With 12 cars out to race, you could feel the competition alive in the air! 

          The drivers lined up in rows of two, with #80 Patrick Gold, and #29 Zach Webster out in front. Gold was in the lead for the beginning of the race battling back Webster the entire time. Behind them the 13 Tim Fahrner alongside the 9 of Dan Root Jr. Had their own battle for 3rd. And behind them? Another battle taking place between the 20 of Dan McCoy and the #16 Brandon Sainsbury. Just when Webster cleared the 80 car, the #5 Ryan Phipps spins out, causing the field to go under caution flags. At the restart Webster went low, while Gold stayed high and Webster was able to get the jump over Gold. The two fought hard but in the end it was Zach Webster who took home this ICCU main event win.

   The Big Wheels Race was next and it was a battle of the siblings. Emerson Edens and her brother Bentley peddled their little hearts out, and although Bentley kept up, he couldn’t defeat his older sister this time! 

   After opening ceremonies, Magic Valley Speedway had a special treat in-store for our loyal and amazing fans!! The Mr. Dizzy car jump stuntacular!! Presented by Jalopy Jungle,The incredible stuntman climbed into a green Crown Victoria and got his speed up to 60mph before steering that beautiful beast of a car towards the jump ramps that would catapult him directly into a tower of cars stacked 4 high! The collision was an epic sight to see, and one that will be remembered for years to come in MVS history! The impressive Mr. Dizzy climbed out of the wreckage waved to the fans and bowed, incredibly he was unharmed!!!

  The Pepsi Mini stocks revved up for their main event of the night. The 3 of Chad Everett and the 15 of Roy Boots Jr. We’re duking it out on the asphalt when they both went under the breakout time, causing them to go to the back. Zach Rydalch in the #24 had the lead but Everett and Boots easily manuvered to the front again. Everett spun out of of turn 4 and Boots incredibly was able to dodge driving straight into him. But that didn’t stop Chad Everett, he put the pedal to the metal and quickly returned to the front of the field. Boots didn’t let him have it easily, and was right on till the checkered flag flew. The #3 Chad Everett was awarded the big ‘W’.

   The Project Filter Bombers returned to the track to finish out their night with a main event. Again Wilcox dominates the track right off the bat! Quick to put distance between her and the rest of the field. By the end of it she had another entire straightaway between her and the 33 of Brandon Adams. Adams who spent his laps battling back the 11 of Jonathan Rich. In the end Wilcox brought home her first ever career win in a main event, with the 33 coming in 2nd, and the 11 in 3rd.

  Finally, the ICCU Modifieds rolled back onto the fastest ⅓ mile oval in all of Idaho, to embark on their 2nd main event of the night. It’s starts with the 12 machines lining up: The #13 Tim Fahrner on the outside of Chris Cook in the #2 to make the first row, with the 9 Dan Root Jr. And the 80 Patrick Gold behind them. Fahrner got a good jump at the green and was able to put himself in the lead by 3 or more car lengths. The scramble for second was on! The Webster in the 29 and Chris Cook in the 2 we’re on top of One another lap after lap. Meanwhile Fahrner had stretched out his lead to nearly a full straightaway over the rest of the drivers! Webster finally cleared Cook and began to hunt down your leader in the 13 car. The 5 of Ryan Phipps spins out and the field takes a yellow flag, allowing that gap between Fahrner, Webster, and the rest of the field to close up. At the restart, Fahrner raced ahead of Webster and the two were door to door for the final laps of the event. Fahrner finished with a 1st place main event win to end the racing on Jalopy Jungle night! 

   But the adrenaline wasn’t running out yet! With one more event to end the night with a boom! The Twin Falls Fire Department suited up and parked their rig on the infield. They stood by, armed and ready with fire hoses, while Mr. Dizzy buckled his helmet before climbing into the backseat of a minivan rigged with explosives! The crowd counted down from ten and when they finished….BOOM!!!! The explosives went off and the van, with Mr. Dizzy still inside, were engulfed in flames more than 10 feet high!! As the blaze raged on Mr. Dizzy climbed out of the van without a scorch on him!!! Our brave firefighters doused what was left of the minivan and Mr. Dizzy threw his arms up in victory, as he defies death yet again. 

   After all those good ol redneck shenanigans, we couldn’t top a human car explosion. So we called it a night. Thanks to all you fans who showed up despite the weather, this all for you guys and we appreciate you so much! A huge shout-out to Jalopy Jungle and Markys Supertow for sponsoring the evening’s events, and all our other sponsors who enable us to put on these shows week after week!

   Join us next week on Magic Valley Pipe night for another action packed evening of racing!! 

ICCU Modifieds, Project Filter Bombers, MVP Hornets, Cactus Petes Streets presented By Bud Light Be There or Be Square. 

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