Magic Valley Speedway            
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05/15/10 News

                                                             Fowble grabs main event win at MVS 

    Series rookie Rick Fowble led all 50 laps in the main event race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway to capture his first win in the Mr. Gas Late Models division. Fowble was lined up on the front row alongside Jeff Wade with Mike Greco and Dan Pehrson, fresh off heat race wins, directly behind. 

    Fowble led as contact between Jeff Pohlman and Dan Pehrson brought out the caution at lap nine. Under the yellow, Scott Gilligan got together with Lonnie Lowder between turns one and two, and both Pohlman and Lowder wound up taking their cars to the pits. Fowble chose the outside lane on the restart, with Greco on the inside, followed by the strong pair of Kris and Eddy McKean in row two. Unshaken, Fowble remained in control, and by lap 25 he had pulled away from any distractions by 12-car lengths. 

    With 10 laps remaining in the race, he had rocketed to a nearly one-quarter track lead over his closest competitors. Fowble considered the track conditions to be tacky, but he liked it that way. "During the heat race we cut a right-rear tire, and we had to put a new one on," Fowble said. "So that definitely helped -- that and the syrup." Pop syrup is sometimes layered on the track give added grip, and Fowble made sure he was in position to get that advantage. "The outside lane was the one to be in tonight -- it was fast out there," he concluded. "Then with about 10 laps to go I got a little chance to look in the side mirror and saw (Greco and Kris McKean) were pretty far back and were battling pretty hard. That helped a lot too." Greco out-dueled McKean to come in second.
    Newell rules in NAPA Street Stocks victory John Newell overtook Chase Carraway for the lead at lap five and held on to win the NAPA Street Stocks main event race. While Carraway fought with Newell to regain the front position, Casey Pehrson moved up to get in on the action. At lap 11 Pehrson connected with Carraway in turn two, causing Carraway to head for the pits with a flat tire. Newell maintained his lead after the restart to catch the checkered flag 1.212 seconds over Pehrson for his third main event win of the season. 

    Henslee rides to Pony Stocks win After a caution and a restart at lap seven, drivers in the Bennan's Pony Stocks main event scrambled to have the clear path to the finish. When it all shook out, Wade Henslee had out-maneuvered the field for the honor. A fast-paced Ray Homolka was right on his tail, and in the final laps Homolka put on immense pressure. Henslee, intent on getting his first win on the season, kept the throttle down for the checkered flag. Dan Pulver led the first six rounds of the 20-lap race until the caution in seven. 

    Peck first in Hornets race Jeff Peck nearly lost his lead on his way to theQuale's Electronics Hornets race. Nearly. Halfway through the main event, Peck fell behind Bob Gilligan, but Peck quickly regained it after Gilligan and Ty Garibay got tangled up in lap traffic. A speedy Andy Brennan then moved into second but spun in the infield at lap 17. Desmond Goff took over the position, but Peck had too much for Goff and motored on to the win.

Brandon Greco, driving in his first race, captured the main event win with the Quale's Electronics Jr. Stingers. 

MVS Results

Mr. Gas Late Models: 1. Rick Fowble, 2. Mike Greco, 3. Kris McKean, 4. Eddy McKean, 5. Dan Pehrson.

NAPA Street Stocks: 1. John Newell, 2. Casey Pehrson, 3. Bruce Henry, 4. Chase Carraway, 5. Jim Shirley.

Brennan's Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Wade Henslee, 2. Ray Homolka, 3. Todd Audet, 4. JC Brookshire, 5. Jerry Slocum.

Quale's Electronics Hornets: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Desmond Goff, 3. Brandon Mortensen, 4. Andy Brennan, 5. Bob Gilligan.

Jr. Stingers main event winner: Brandon Greco