Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/04/11 Pictures

TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs hungry for the start

Despite the damage, Chad Everett collects the win

Budweiser Super Stocks out of turn two

Jerry McKean (22) winner of the first main event race

Winners of the the spectator drags, Dan Pehrson (Tammy) and Jim Schouten

Project Filter Street Stocks battle for second place

Kendel Woll cruises to another win

Guys are always ready for pie...and thanks to Shari's Restaurant, they had plenty

The winning girl was way excited

Brennan's Pony Stocks mixin' it up

 Jerry Slocum (39) on the way to one of his two main event wins this night

Getting crazy in the Quale's Electronics Pro Hornets

Morgan Rasmussen (71) on his way to the main event win

Jenna Quale (right) and Casey Pehrson in late race accident

 Kris McKean (7) and Daniel Shirley battle in the second main. Shirley would eventually get the win.