Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/04/11 Story

At the conclusion of the first main event race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway former track champion Jerry McKean was in the winner’s circle proudly giving his victory speech; by the end of second main he was en-route to the hospital.

The Budweiser Super Stocks driver’s troubles began when contending for the lead with Kris McKean after a restart late in the race. After brushing the wall in turn four, McKean got up in the dirt embankment and then proceeded to slide down the track sideways. Jenna Quale, who had nowhere to go, hit McKean broadside in the driver’s door and Casey Pehrson, who also did not have time to adjust,  collided with Quale.

Quale and Pehrson were able to climb out of their vehicles under their own power but emergency personnel would have to extract the unconscious McKean from his car. From there he was placed on a backboard and transported to St. Luke’s of Magic Valley.

 “He just came out of nowhere,” Pehrson said. “It looked like somebody just dropped that car in front of us.”

The race was already not without controversy. Just prior to the incident Kris McKean, Pehrson and leader at the time Willie Dalton were sent to the rear of the field after a spin by Dalton, driver of the No. 8 car, was ruled to involve the trio. However after several minutes McKean was given his position back setting up the restart alongside his uncle Jerry.

“We looked on the film and saw that nobody ever touched (Kris McKean). Casey hit the eight car and he spun,” explained track owner Eddy McKean.

Daniel Shirley, who was running in third just before the race ending accident, was eventually award the win.

At last report early Sunday morning Jerry McKean was still undergoing tests and evaluations at St. Luke’s.

McKean’s victory  in the first main event came after getting around Kris McKean with 11 laps remaining in the race. Shirley came in third followed by Pehrson and Kyle Burrill.

In other action, Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks driver Justin Slocum found the new race route for the division very much to his liking. Winding their way in and out of the infield, Slocum captured both main event wins holding off Devon Colson in the first main event race and JC Brookshire in the second.

Other main event winners were Morgan Rasmussen with the Pro Hornets and Chad Everett in the TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs. Kendel Woll  visited Victory Lane once again this season with a convincing win in the Project Filter Street Stocks.



Budweiser Super Stocks (first main:)  1. Jerry McKean, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Daniel Shirley, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Kyle Burrill.

 Budweiser Street Stocks (second main):  1. Daniel Shirley, 2. Kyle Burrill, 3. Allen Williams, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Willie Dalton.

 Project Filter Street Stocks:  1. Kendel Woll, 2. Craig Nuthak, 3. Chase Carraway, 4. Paul Brown, 5. Brandon Thomas.

 Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks (first main):  1. Justin Slocum, 2. Devon Colson, 3. Todd Audet.

 Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks (second main):  1. Justin Slocum, 2. JC Brookshire, 3. Devon Colson, 4. Todd Audet.

 Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets:   1. Morgan Rasmussen, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Scott Gilligan, 4. Jeff Peck, 5. Chad Everett.