Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/05/10 News

                                                            Fowble, Pohlman light up at MVS 

    Rick Fowble and Jeff Pohlman were the big winners Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway, both capturing main event victories for the Mr. Gas Late Models. Fowble began the first 50-lap main event mid-field but worked his way up to third just past the halfway point of the race. 

    Fowble and Kris McKean then began to move in on frontrunner Pohlman, but the pair soon made contact — sending Fowble for a spin between turns one and two. The trio continued to battle for the lead. This time McKean was able to get by Pohlman at lap 36 but lost the lead 10 laps later when Fowble was able to take full advantage of the opening set before him. “With about three laps to go, he (McKean) was trying to get around a lapped car so I just stuck it down there in the low groove and went around them both,” Fowble said. “If I would have tried to make that outside pass there’s no way I could have made it. Pulling off the victory was pretty cool.” Pohlman took the lead of the second main event race from Mike Greco at lap four, but this time he was able to maintain the position to the checkered flag. 

    Fowble was Pohlman’s closest rival as the laps ran down, but Pohlman had the stronger set-up this go-around. “We knew we were going to put on sticker tires for the second main, and it made a big difference,” Pohlman said. “We made some other changes, too, and the car was a rocket.” With his first victory of the season Pohlman had at least one goal checked off his list. “We got this win under our belts, and if we don’t win again, well, they can’t take this one away from us.” With both a win and a second-place finish for the night, Fowble took over the lead in the point standings for the Late Models series. Pohlman now occupies the fourth spot in the ranks. 

Carraway wins Street Stocks 

    Chase Carraway finished second behind John Newell in the NAPA Street Stocks race, but he was declared the winner after Newell failed to pass post-race inspection. Carraway led for the first eight laps of the main event, but Newell kept possession of the lead for the remainder of the race.

Audet claims Pony Stocks race 

    Todd Audet captured the checkered flag of the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks race after maintaining the lead position all the way to the finish of the 20-lap main event. Ray Homolka tailed Audet throughout the race, but Audet held his ground, crossing the finish line just 0.282 seconds ahead of Homolka.

Rasmussen wins first Hornets 

    Morgan Rasmussen held off Bob Gilligan to win his first checkered flag of the season in Saturday’s Quale’s Electroics Hornets race. Gilligan took the lead from Rasmussen with just two laps remaining , but it was short-lived after spinning off course in the infield. Rassmussen regained the lead and took it all the way to the finish line.

Brownfield earns Jr. Stingers victory 

    Doug Brownfield captured the Jr. Stingers victory after battling with Brandon Greco. The heated battle came to an end after Greco stalled on the infield tire barrier late in the race.

MVS Results Saturday, June 5

Mr. Gas Late Models (1st Main): 1. Rick Fowble, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Jeff Pohlman, 4. Jeff Wade, 5. Scott Gilligan.

Mr. Gas Late Models (2nd Main): 1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. Rick Fowble, 3. Jeff Wade, 4. Mike Greco, 5. Kris McKean.

NAPA Street Stocks: 1. Chase Carraway, 2. Kendel Woll, 3. Casey Pehrson, 4. Bruce Henry, 5. Rob Roche.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Todd Audet, 2. Ray Homolka, 3. Wade Henslee, 4. JC Brookshire, 5. Jerry Slocum.

Quales Electronics Hornets: 1. Morgan Rasmussen, 2. Ty Garibay, 3. Brandon Mortensen, 4. Andy Brennan, 5. Gary Deskiewic.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers: 1. Doug Brownfield, 2. Brandon Greco