Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/12/10 News

                                                                              Super Six Driver Roughed UP

The Rocky Mountain Challenge Series featured the big boys with the big toys, but it was the Super Six drivers who got roughed up Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway.

Bob Bachman was able to pull away form the rest of the field, crossing the finish line at 7.652 seconds ahead of runner-up Kyle Waner.

But just four laps into the main event race chaos erupted when Jasen Skyberg got loose on the back stretch; setting off a disastrous chain of events that would involve half the field of competitors.

Seventy-six year old Dick Sola of Boise initially caught the worst of the spectacular wreck, sending him flying into a seemingly endless series of end-over-end flips before finally coming to a rest wheels-down near turn three.

Several other drivers were caught up in the incident that sent at least three of them into the back stretch wall.

The incident quickly brought out the red flag, stopping the race so damage control and clean-up could get under way.

Sola was shaken after incident, but alert. In addition to Skyberg and Sola, drivers Bob Parks, Walt Calkins, Richard Portenier, Randy Sellars and Rex Reeve were also involved in the wreck.

“In my opinion it was just strictly a racing deal,” Bachman said of the early race encounter. “But it was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen on a race track. I didn’t know if he was ever going to stop rolling. I was right behind him and his arms were flaying all over the place — it was really, really violent. I guess I think we could have been a little more patient out there.”

Sola was taken to Magic Valley Regional Medical Center for further evaluation while the other drivers remained at the track with no series injuries.

A caution-free race was in store for the 16 entrants of the Rocky Mountain ChallengeSeries main event, however.

John Dillion, who started the race deep in the feild was able to dial in on front-runner Brett Thompson and take the lead all the way to the checkered flag.

Thompson led the way by a seemingly insurmountable lead in the early stages, but Dillon nipped past him for the win.

Scott Luttmer secured control of the Maverik Intermountain Pro Trucks race at Lap 3, after the caution was brought out, and he held on for the win.

Kris McKean was able to capitalize on Stacey Jensen’s mistake and take the lead and the checkered flag in the Budweiser Super Stocks.

While Doug Brownfield and Jason Quale battled for position, Brandon Greco was able to pull away from the skirmish between Doug Brownfield and Jason Quale to cross the finish line with room to spare for his second Quale’s Electronics Junior Hornets win of the season.