Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/25/11 Story

 Rice cooks up win at MVS

By Linda Brittsan

There may have been only one person who thought Intermountain Pro Trucks driver Jerry Rice didn’t have a chance to win the main event race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway – and that was Jerry Rice.

“I really didn’t think we we’re going to be that good tonight,” Rice said. “Especially those first few laps – I couldn’t even keep track of it. It was just crazy out there.”

Rice had cause for concern literally right from the start. Just after the green flag flew to begin the 50-lap main Rice, who started  twelfth in a field of 14, spun along with Drew Reitsma after the pack got bogged down in turn one. After regrouping, Rice’s problems continued when he began to pick up radio transmissions from one of his competitor's spotters.

“I kept hearing them saying things like ‘you’re overdriving it,’  ‘just calm down’ and ‘just get off the track.’ I didn’t know what was going on out there.”

However Rice, an experienced driver at MVS, finessed his way through traffic and began to set his sights on Alan Larson who led the majority of the race.  At lap 36 Rice became the new race leader and was able to keep Larson behind him to the checkered.  Bo Sharp, Hannah Newhouse and Kent Jensen rounded out the top five.

“I enjoy winning at Magic Valley Speedway,” Rice added.

Budweiser Super Stocks driver Casey Pehrson had visions of his first win dancing in his head until a caution late in the main event race brought him back to reality. Not only was Pehrson’s big lead erased, it brought his arch rival right alongside him for the restart.

“I was not happy at all when that yellow came out,” Pehrson said. “I looked at the board and I knew Kris (McKean) was behind me, so I was a little nervous.”

Pehrson elected to take the inside lane for the restart and gained a slight edge over McKean. But for the next few laps it was a fight to the finish.

“I tried to be real cautious, I didn’t want to make any mistakes,” Pehrson added. “I didn’t want to let him get underneath me. He was taking all the advantages that he could, but I held on to it.”

It was Pehrson’s first win of the season in the series after edging out McKean by 0.364 seconds at the finish line.

The night was jam-packed with more action for both drivers and fans at the Whelen All-American Weekly Racing Series track. Kris McKean won the first main event race for the Mr. Gas Late Models Series after holding off Jeff Pohlman. Pohlman came back to win the second main, finishing just ahead of TJ Woodhall.

Todd Audet captured wins in both main event races for the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks division, Chad Everett won with the Hornets and after a wild race for positions; Scott Gilligan captured the main event win in the TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs division.

First-half champions were crowned with Doug Brownfield tying up the Hornets title and Chad Everett sewing up the championship with the Thunderdogs.  At the age of 14, Jay McDonald captured both the main event win and the championship for the Jr. Stingers.



Intermountain Pro Trucks:  1. Jerry Rice, 2. Alan Larson, 3. Bo Sharp, 4. Hannah Newhouse, 5. Kent Jensen.

Mr. Gas Late Models (first main):  1. Kris McKean, 2. Jeff Pohlman, 3. Jeff Wade, 4. TJ Woodhall, 5. Bobby Latham III.

(second main):  1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. TJ Woodhall, 3. Bobby Latham III, 4. Shelby Stroebel, 5. Dan Pehrson.

Budweiser Super Stocks:  1. Casey Pehrson, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Willie Dalton, 4. Daniel Shirley, 5. Allen Williams.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks (first main):  1. Todd Audet, 2. Jerry Slocum, 3. JC Brookshire, 4. Robbie Hyde.

(second main):  1. Todd Audet, 2. Jerry Slocum, 3. JC Brookshire.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets:  1. Chad Everett, 2. Ben Hampton, 3. Robbie Hyde.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers:  1. Jay McDonald, 2. Holden Maughan, 3. Brenden Radabaugh, 4. Justies Coates, 5. Russell Dalton.

Idaho Legends:  1. Phyl Zubizareta, 2. Jimmy Ingram, 3. Daren Turpen, 4. Cameron Matsen, 4. Brent Collins.

TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs:  1. Scott Gilligan, 2. Jeff Peck, 3. Chad Everett, 4. Brenden Radabaugh, 5. Doug Brownfield.