Magic Valley Speedway            
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06/25/11 Pictures

Brennan’s Pony Stocks driver Todd Audet en-route to his first min event win of the night

Mr. Gas Late Models driver Jeff Pohlman liked the view much better in the second main

Mr. Gas Late Models start off the evening with their first main

 Kris McKean with crew chief Kaili after the win

Budweiser Super Stocks drivers coming out of four

Number 26 tops the scoreboard after the main – First win of the season in the division

Main event winner Chad Everett cross the finish line

First-half champion with the Hornets – Doug “Tank” Brownfield

Quale’s Jr. Stingers get with the action

Jay McDonald, main event winner and first half champion with the Stingers

Intermountain Pro Trucks rolling past the front stretch

Main event winner Jerry Rice (4) busts a move on Alan Larson for the lead

 Scott Gilligan avoids the block from the police

First-half champion Chad Everett celebrates for the Thunder dogs

Trouble for driver Cameron Cotta

Legends with their first visit of the season at MVS