Magic Valley Speedway            
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07/02/11 Story

Magic Valley Speedway turns up the heat

By Linda Brittsan


It wasn’t exactly what he envisioned, but nevertheless TJ Woodhall captured the glory in the Mr. Gas Late Models main event race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway.

A total of 10 cars took the green flag to start the race. Kris McKean took the lead from Woodhall at lap seven but after several attempts Jeff Pohlman was able to take the frontrunner position away from McKean. Meanwhile, Woodhall managed to follow in third. A caution at lap 29 would regroup the field and that’s when the fireworks began on the track.

With Pohlman choosing the inside lane and McKean directly on his outside for the restart, the pair battled for the lead. Heading into turn one McKean soon took an unplanned side trip directly into the end of the front stretch wall, sending him on two wheels along the barrier. After the hard hit McKean was finished for the night, as were Pohlman’s chances for a win.

“We came off of turn four and I knew he was on the outside of me,” Pohlman said. “I held my line and I was just getting ready to turn down in the corner. I’m not real sure what happened but I’m thinking that he bounced off the wall and came into me and proceeded to wreck. I didn’t run him up the track; I was on my line and knew where I could go. Next thing I know my car gets smashed and just went sideways.”

McKean had a  different interpretation of the incident.

“He was crowding me up from the lap before so I held him down coming out of turn three and four.  Then just as he and I hit the corner in turn one it seemed that he turned right and that put us up in the air, cut down our left front tire and shot it straight into the wall. We had gotten run on the outside and he didn’t want us to get around him – and he stopped us.”

After a delay to clean up the debris Woodhall retook the lead. Although he and Bobby Latham made contact coming out of turn four with five laps remaining in the race, Woodhall was able to drive his wounded ride to Victory Lane.

“We having been trying a new set up for several weeks but we have been struggling with it,” Woodhall said. “I thought maybe we could get a fourth, I don’t think I had the car to beat Jeff (Pohlman) tonight. But we made it. Not always the fastest car wins I guess.”

Pohlman had better luck in the Budweiser Super Stocks race, winning the event convincingly from the pole position. The real battle was for the second place position, pitting Kris McKean and Daniel Shirley for the spot. With less than a lap remaining McKean nudged Shirley in the turn, sending him off the turn three embankment. Due to the incident Casey Pehrson was moved up to finishing second in the final results followed by McKean.

Project Filter Street Stocks driver Brandon Thomas held off seven competitors and survived a mid-race caution to stay in the lead of main event race.  As the laps wound down Thomas felt immense pressure from point standings leader Kendel Woll, but Thomas held steady to nip Woll by just 0.150 seconds at the finish line. It was Thomas’ first main event win of the season.

Other main event winner included Todd Audet with the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks and KC Gillogly in the Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers.  Ben Hampton won his first main event race of the season in the Quale’s Hornets and Ty Garibay rolled in with his first win of the year in the TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs.


Mr. Gas Late Models:  1. TJ Woodhall, 2. Bruce Quale, 3. Rick Fowble, 4. Bob Massie, 5. Jeff Pohlman.

Budweiser Super Stocks:  1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. Casey Pehrson, 3. Kris McKean, 4. Steve Edens, Allen Williams.

Project Filter Street Stocks:  1. Brandon Thomas, 2. Kendel Woll, 3. John Newell, 4. Craig Nuthak, 5. Paul Browne.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks:  1. Todd Audet, 2. Robbie Hyde, 3. Jerry Slocum.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets:  1. Ben Hampton, 2. Chad Everett, 3. Robbie Hyde, 4. Doug Brownfield, 5. Toef Leija.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers:  1. KC Gillogly, 2. Russell Dalton, 3. Jason Quale, 4. Holden Maughan, 5. Jay McDonald.

TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs:  1. Ty Garibay, 2. Lane Buddenhagen, 3. Jeff Peck, 4. Bob Gilligan, 5. Doug Brownfield.

Pepsi Winged Sprints:  1. Dan Kithcart, 2. Tim McCutcham, 3. Brandon Johnson.