Magic Valley Speedway            
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07/16/11 Story

                                                    McKean, Pehrson shine at MVS

By Linda Brittsan

After taking the lead at lap eight in the first Budweiser Super Stocks race of the evening Daniel Shirley looked to be on his way to the main event win, but a last-lap bump by Kris McKean would instead bring the driver of the No. 7 car to the winner’s circle. 

Restarts peppered the first seven laps of the race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway but after things settled a battle for the win developed between Shirley, Kris McKean and Jerry McKean. As the trio rounded the finals turns Kris McKean, who had been shadowing Shirley for several laps, busted a move on the leader to clear a path for himself to the checkered flag. Meanwhile, Shirley was able to stay out in front of a hard-charging Jerry McKean to finish second.

“I got a bump from the back and got a little sideways and here comes Kris,” Shirley said. “I was kind of expecting something like that after my previous race.”

In the July 2 main event race Shirley was also punted out of the way by McKean in the final lap sending Shirley off the turn three embankment. However in that incident McKean was placed at the rear of the lap leaders and given a third place finish.

“We just got up to him and gave him a little nudge,” Kris McKean said after his most recent win. “But he’s been out here bumping and banging on everyone. It’s not like we drilled him and put him in the wall or anything, it’s just a racing deal and got around him on the last lap on the last corner. The fans loved it, I’m sure.”

In the second main of the evening Casey Pehrson came through for the win. Although dogging Pehrson for several laps, McKean settled for a second place finish followed by Shirley in third.

“I think Kris was faster than me and I think maybe he could have gotten around but I think he was more worried about staying in front of Shirley,” Pehrson said. “It wasn’t worth the risk for him to try and go around; he was just trying to keep his points. The win stills feels good though.”

In other action Russell Dalton won his first race of the season with the Quale’s Jr. Stingers while Jason Quale drove for a convincing win in the second main of the evening. Todd Audet was able to get around Devon Colson at lap 17 to win another Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks main and Chad Everett ran away with another victory in the Quale’s Pro Hornets.

The TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs saw two cars upended in separate incidents but Jeff Peck survived to win his first main event race of the season.



Budweiser Super Stocks (first main): 1. Kris McKean, 2. Daniel Shirley, 3. Jerry McKean, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Allen Williams.

Budweiser Super Stocks (second main): 1. Casey Pehrson, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Daniel Shirley, 4. Allen Williams, 5. Jerry McKean.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks:  1. Todd Audet, 2. Devon Colson, 3. Jerry Slocum, 4. JC Brookshire.

Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets:  1. Chad Everett, 2. Scott Gilligan, 3. Ty Garibay, 4. Jeff Peck, 5. Lane Buddenhagen.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers (first main): 1. Russell Dalton, 2. Jay McDonald, 3. Brandan Radabaugh, 4. KC Gillogly, 5. Triston Shirley.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers (second main):  1. Jason Quale, 2. Triston Shirley, 3. Justin Dalton, 4. Jay McDonald, 5. Brandan Radabaugh.

TVgoldandsilver Thunderdogs winner:  1. Jeff Peck.