Magic Valley Speedway            
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07/17/10 Pictures

1. Quale's Jr. Stingers meet at turn two

2. First time main event winner Russell Dalton is excited with his victory

3. Three wide in the NAPA Street Stocks

4. Brennan's Pony Stocks go at it on the back stretch

5. Main event winner Todd Audet

6. Drifting comes to MVS

7. First Federal Penny Gold Rush is always a hit with the kids

8. Ty Garibay shows grandpa how to flip ALL the way over

9. Jeff Peck with the win in the Quale's Electronics Hornets

10. Vintage Cars with another MVS appearance

11. Actions early on with the Mr. Gas Late Models

12. Main event winner Eddy McKean (19) and Kris McKean battle for the win.