Magic Valley Speedway            
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07/24/10 News

                                                        McKean rides backup car to MVS victory

    Kris McKean’s didn’t need to be behind the wheel of his own car to get to Victory Lane Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway. Driving the McKean Motorsports No. 1 car, displaying an improvised No. 7 — the number of his usual ride — for the night, McKean took the lead in the Budweiser Super Stocks main event at Lap 10 and held on for the remaining 20 circuits to take the victory.

The win was one of several for McKean this season, but it was the first in which he wasn’t behind the wheel of the No. 7 car. “Casey (Pehrson) was talking about how he might want to buy the No. 7 car, so we figured we let him drive it for the night,” McKean said. “A lot of people think that the 7 car is the fastest one out here, but I just wanted to prove the 1 car is just as fast — depending on who’s in it.”

Brennen VanderMeer was in a good position to capture his first main event win of the season but ceded the lead to McKean at Lap 10 and soon crashed with Dan Pehrson to send both to the back of the field. VanderMeer is still experimenting with the setup on the car so he can get out front and stay there.

“We tried a lot of different stuff tonight,” said the 15-year old rookie. “We had the lead for a little while until Kris came up and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, here we go again.’ We gave it all we had, then I spun out. It’s frustrating; I can never beat that kid. But one of these days I’m going to get it – he’s going to lose to me.”

    For five laps Jenna Quale and Jeff Peck battled side-by-side for the lead of the Quale’s Electronic Hornets main event race before Peck gained the advantage after 10 laps. Quale kept her foot to the floor as she made every attempt to get back to the front of the field but had to settle for runner-up, finishing behind Peck by less than half a second.

    Although qualifying second for the NAPA Street Stocks, Kendel Woll missed the heat race with mechanical issues putting him in the sixth starting position for the main event. After a restart at Lap 4, Woll took over the lead and began to pull away from the rest of the field and never looked back in taking the checkered flag.

    With Doug Brownfield in the lead through Lap 7 of the Quale’s Jr. Stingers main event, Jason Quale took advantage of lapped traffic to take over the main event race on the next lap. But at Lap 12 Brownfield used the same strategy to get his position back and went on to capture another win in the division.

    A sixth-lap caution at erased Todd Audet’s significant lead in the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks main event, and set him alongside Ray Homolka for the restart. The drivers, embroiled in a battle for the lead in the points standings, battled door-to-door to Lap 14 before lap traffic caused the pair to make contact, spinning them both to the infield grass in Turn 4. Audet recovered with five laps left in the race and held on as Homolka desperately tried to reel him in.

In the Legends Cars main event, Austin Hager held a big lead until the caution flag flew with five laps left. Hager could not get the car fired for the restart, and the battle for the win was then taken over by Travis Anderson and Ben Matheson. Matheson crossed the finish line ahead of Anderson on the white-flag lap, but Anderson was able to surge to the checkered flag and nip Matheson by 0.322 seconds for the win.

Magic Valley Speedway results


Budweiser Super Stocks: 1. Kris McKean, 2. Daniel Shirley, 3. Dan Pehrson, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Willie Dalton.

NAPA Street Stocks: 1. Kendel Woll, 2. John Newell, 3. Chase Carraway, 4. James Hall, 5. Casey Pehrson.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Todd Audet, 2. Ray Homolka, 3. Jerry Slocum, 4. JC Brookshire, 5. Jim Schouten.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Jenna Quale, 3. Ty Garibay, 4. Brandon Mortenson, 5. Andy Brennan.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers: 1. Doug Brownfield, 2. Jason Quale, 3. Russell Dalton, 4. CJ McLaughlin.

Legends Cars: 1. Travis Anderson, 2. Ben Matheson, 3. Cameron Cotta, 4. Bob Kronenberg, 5. Camron Madsen