Magic Valley Speedway            
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08/06/11 Story

Pohlman racing stable rides off with wins at MVS
By Linda Brittsan


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (August 6, 2011) There’s no disputing it, Late Models driver  Jeff Pohlman is on a hot streak at Magic Valley Speedway.

Coming off two feature division main event wins the final Saturday in July, Pohlman carried his winning ways into the month of August with victories in both Mr. Gas Late Models mains Saturday night.

Starting fifth in a field of seven in the first main event race of the evening Pohlman executed the bump-and-run on Dan Pehrson to take over the lead at lap 11. While Pohlman stretched out his lead Pehrson, TJ Woodhall, Bobby Latham III and Kris McKean all scrambled to better their position. With three laps remaining in the race the caution was displayed setting up a shootout for the checkered but Pohlman was able to get the edge over Woodhall for the win.

Starting at the rear of the field for the second main Pohlman had to dig harder for the win. Contact with McKean at lap seven sent both cars to the pits after they spun near turn four, but Pohlman was able to fight his way towards the front at lap 14. Soon Dan Pehrson would encounter the front stretch wall after connecting with Latham and the red flag was brought out to clear the wreckage. After the race resumed Pohlman took the lead from Dan Louther and again began to gain ground on the field. However Pohlman would have to endure four more restarts before he would see the checkered flag finally making it to Victory Lane at lap 35, once again just ahead of Woodhall.

“When I got on the outside of Kris (McKean) it just seemed that he just kind of turned right,” Pohlman said of the early race contact with his competitor. “But I was really mad that I spun out, I pride myself on being able to save that stuff. But if they want to wreck me they’re going to have to wreck me harder than that.”

With the wins, Pohlman will add to his already substantial lead in the point standings. “I never thought his would happen,” Pohlman said of his double-double victories. “Louis (Lopez, crew chief) has this car hooked up great and these wins really help us be secure for the next few races. Now we can be a lot smarter not to get into some of the messes we got into tonight.”

Also from the Pohlman racing stable Robbie Hyde recovered from missing pins causing the hood of his car to fly up against his windshield to win the first Quale’s Electronics Hornets main.  In the second main, this time pins securely in place, Hyde was able to round up another win. Stable mate Scott Gilligan roped in the victory in the TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs.

In Budweiser Super Stocks action Allen Williams began the main from the pole position and despite having to regroup from a late race caution he was able to fight off Casey Pehrson and later Willie Dalton for his first main event win of the season.

“I was pretty confident tonight because we changed everything on the set-up,” Williams said. “The car works great now and it sure feels good to get that win.”

Todd Audet and Jerry Slocum battled side-by-side in the late laps of the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks main event until Audet finally had enough to beat Slocum to the finish line by 0.687 seconds. Pro 4’s drivers Ken Chandler and Joe Barton also fought door-to-door for much of the main event race but it was Chandler who was victorious at the end.

In other action, although it was his first night in the car, Stacey Jensen proved he had what it took to pilot a Pepsi Winged Sprint machine winning the main event in the final lap. Jay McDonald took the lead at lap five of the Quale’s Jr. Stingers main and was able to pull into the winner’s circle 15 laps later.


Mr. Gas Late Models (first main):  1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. TJ Woodhall, 3.Kris McKean, 4. Dan Pehrson, 5. Bobby Latham III.

Mr. Gas Late Models (second main):  1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. TJ Woodhall, 3. Bobby Latham III, 4. Dan Louther, 5. Jeff Wade.

Budweiser Super Stocks:  1. Allen Williams, 2. Willie Dalton, 3. Daniel Shirley, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Kris McKean.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks:  1. Todd Audet, 2. Jerry Slocum, 3. Devon Colson, 4. Robbie Hyde, 5. Mike Audet.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets (first main):  1. Robbie Hyde, 2. Chad Everett, 3. Mitch Pehrson, 4. Amy Gill, 5. Toef Leija.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets (second main):  1. Robbie Hyde, 2. Chad Everett, 3. Mitch Pehrson, 4. Jay McDonald, 5. Amy Gill.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers:  1. Jay McDonald, 2. Brenden Radabaugh, 3. KC Gillogly, 4. Holden Maughan, 5. Justice Dalton.

Pro 4’s:  1. Ken Chandler, 2. Jim Bailey, 3. Joe Barton, 4. Robert Taylor, 5. Dayne Amyx.

Pepsi Winged Sprints:  1. Stacey Jensen, 2. Dan Kithcart, 3. Tim McCuthan.

TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs:  1. Scott Gilligan