Magic Valley Speedway            
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08/14/10 News

                                                    Pohlman, Shirley victors at Magic Valley Speedway

    Jeff Pohlman may have thought he had been struggling lately with the Mr. Gas Late Models, but it didn’t show at all in Saturday night’s main event race at Magic Valley Speedway. Pohlman led all but the first eight laps of the 50-lap main event race after taking over from Norm Hatke, who led for the first seven laps and Bruce Quale who led for one.

    Eddy McKean, who was coming off two straight main event wins, had to exit to the pits at lap two with a flat tire and would not be a factor for the remainder of the race. Bruce Quale was Pohlman’s biggest concern during his sprint to the finish. Tension was high for Pohlman as Quale shadowed throughout the event.

    “We have mirrors on the sides of our cars and to see Bruce Quale there every lap, every corner, you know you have to hit your marks. You cannot make any mistakes with Bruce Quale behind you or you’re done. When I caught up to lap traffic those guys were battling for position so I just tried to see who was doing what, and luckily it worked out. It was so nice to have Robbie (Hyde, spotter) on the radio to help remind me to hit my marks and to keep digging.”

    Quale’s plan for when he and Pohlman caught up to lap traffic didn’t quite go his way. “For awhile when they were racing side-by-side in front of me I thought Jeff was going to go one way, and I would go another,” Quale said. “I hate to be the leader in those things because you have to make the first move, but he made the right choice. I was looking forward to that, and I thought it would work out.”

    Kris McKean came through with a last ditch effort to come in second followed by Quale. Clint Kidd, in his first Late Models race of the season finished fourth just ahead of John Newhouse. Points leader Rick Fowble placed sixth.

Budweiser Super Stocks driver Shirley makes first trip to winner’s circle

    Steve Edens kept his foot on the accelerator to lead the main event for the first half of the Super Stocks race, thwarting off Jimmy Hall’s attempts to pass for several laps. Daniel Shirley, who had earlier set the fastest qualifying time for the night, had worked himself up in the field and took over the challenge for the lead at lap 18. Appropriately, the No. 23 car of Shirley’s was able to take over the front runner position at lap 23.

    With Shirley in the lead, the battle for second raged between Edens, Hall and Jeff Pohlman.

    Just as Shirley began to have visions of doing victory doughnuts on the front stretch, the caution waved for the spinning car of Kris McKean with just five laps to go. Fortunately for Shirley, he was able to hold off Jimmy Hall after the restart and once he took the checkered flag, the doughnuts were preformed with perfection by the young driver.

    “I was a little bit worried when that last caution came out but not too worried,” Shirley said. “I didn’t think he (Hall) could get me on the outside. But there was dirt or something on turn four and every time I came out of the turn I was afraid I was going to get loose or somebody was going to hit me, but I held on to it. It was a good race. All that was going through my mind at the end was, ‘I am going to do a doughnut.’”

Henry captures first win of the season with NAPA Street Stocks

    Vincent Orr stayed out front for the first six laps of the main event but Bruce Henry took over for the remainder of the race.

    However, it was no cake walk for Henry as he was stalked by Chase Carraway lap after lap until Carraway spun out late in the contest. John Newell then challenged Henry to the checkered, but would have to settle for second at the finish line.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets driver Peck back in Victory Lane

    Racing on the full one-third mile oval, Jeff Peck zeroed in on leader Jenna Quale early but couldn’t catch up to her until the half-way mark of the main event race. Andy Brennan was Peck’s closest rival throughout the final laps, but Peck would nip Brennan at the finish line by just under one-half second.

Bob Gilligan, who was leading the division in the standings, pulled off the track just two laps into the main event. With a fourth place finish, Ty Garibay has now taken over the lead in the points standings.

Quale rebounds for Quale’s Jr. Stingers win

    Jason Quale took the lead of the main event race at lap six, lost it five laps later to Doug Brownfield but muscled his way back to the front with three laps remaining for the win.

    The seven young entrants ran an event-filled race with Kristan Gillogly’s airbag deploying after a hard hit and later a wild flip and roll in the infield preformed by Miguel Zapata. Although a bit shaken up, Zapata was able to walk away from the incident. Gillogly was later taken to the hospital for observation but was treated and released.


Mr. Gas Late Models: 1. Jeff Pohlman, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Bruce Quale, 4. Clint Kidd, 5. John Newhouse.

Budweiser Super Stocks: 1. Daniel Shirley, 2. Jimmy Hall, 3. Jeff Pohlman, 4. Steve Edens, 5. Ernie Hall.

NAPA Street Stocks: 1. Bruce Henry, 2. John Newell 3. Casey Pehrson, 4. James Hall, 5. Chase Carraway.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Andy Brennan, 3. Jenna Quale 4. Ty Garibay, 5. Brandon Mortensen.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers: 1. Jason Quale, 2. Doug Brownfield, 3. Brandan Greco, 4. Russell Dalton, 5. Brenden Radabaugh.