Magic Valley Speedway            
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08/20/11 Story

Shirley shakes things up at MVS
By Linda Brittsan


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (August 20,2011) Realizing that there aren’t all that many races remaining in the 2011 season he knew what he had to do and he got it done.  

After qualifying second and winning his heat race, Budweiser Super Stocks driver Daniel Shirley then sealed the deal with a main event win Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway.

Shirley, who began the main from the fourth position, remained cool in the early laps while Ernie Hall took off with the lead after starting from the pole.  After falling back to fifth, Shirley worked his way up to third by lap 12 just behind Hall and Kris McKean. Five laps later the cautions began to come into play and two consecutive restarts faced off Hall and McKean for the lead. It was the next caution however, that gave Shirley his big break when McKean was sent to the rear of the field after the muffler of his car began to drag the track. After challenging Hall for control of the race at the next restart, Shirley took the lead at lap 20 and was able to hold off Hall, a hard-charging McKean and Casey Pehrson to the finish at lap 40.

 “When I saw Kris (McKean) get back up the front that quick I was really surprised,” Shirley said of the final laps. “But Casey (Pehrson) was kind-of blocking him off for a while. I don’t know if he was doing it for his sake or my sake of both our sakes but it worked out. Our car was fast tonight though. We tried a new set-up and it worked.” After failing post-race inspection, Hall was removed from his second place finish and given a last place result.

In other Whelen All-American Racing Series action double main events for the Project Filter Street Stocks sent two different drivers to the winner’s circle. Chase Carraway, who is in a fight for the championship, took the lead of the first main event at lap six and was still in front when the checkered flag flew at lap 25.  Kendel Woll, current points leader finished 3.803 seconds behind Carraway.

 “We didn’t change anything on the car for this week but the first main worked out great,” Carraway said. “Actually I thought Kendel was right behind me the whole time, I didn’t realize he was battling back there for position.”

In the second main Mike Gill took the lead at lap three and although he never gave up the front runner position he had to hold off a pack of drivers to the finish. Paul Browne, Kendel Woll and Craig Nuthak all finished less than one second behind Gill as the checkered flag waved at lap 25, but Gill held the edge and pocketed his first win in his first start of the season.

For the Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers, Holden Maughan took the lead at lap three and proceeded to pull away from the rest of the field. At lap 20 Maughan crossed the finish line still well out in front and the celebrations of his first win in the division began.

Kris McKean drove to Victory Lane in the Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets and Jeff Peck survived the battle to capture the TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs main event win.



Budweiser Super Stocks:  1. Daniel Shirley, 2. Ernie Hall, 3. Casey Pehrson, 4. Kris McKean, 5. Steve Edens.

Project Filter Street Stocks (first main):  1. Chase Carraway, 2. Kendel Woll, 3.Craig Nuthak, 4. John Newell, 5. Brandon Thomas.

Project Filter Street Stocks (second main):  1. Mike Gill, 2. Paul Browne, 3. Kendel Woll, 4. Craig Nuthak, 5. John Newell.

Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets:  1. Kris McKean, 2. Louis Lopez, 3. Scott Gilligan, 4. Jeff Peck, 5. Robbie Hyde.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers:  1. Holden Maughan, 2. Brenden Radabaugh, 3. Jay McDonald, 4. Justice Dalton, 5. Russell Dalton.

TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs main event winner: Jeff Peck.