Magic Valley Speedway            
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08/21/10 News

                                    Hall outlasts McKean for Super Stocks win 

    It took all the focus he could muster, but James Hall proved he had what it took to win the Budweiser Super Stocks main event race Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway. Hall began the race in the front row lined up along side Steve Edens but had to deal with points leader Kris McKean beginning at lap six of the 35-lap race.

    As the race progressed, the rest of the field sorted out their positions while Hall and McKean became the clear contenders for the win. With five laps remaining in the race, McKean tired to make his final move on Hall, trying to get around him in the outside groove. Hall knew what he was up against and felt the weight of McKean behind him all the way to the finish line.

    “It was intense,” Hall said. “I knew that if I made the slightest mistake he was going to get around me on the outside. So I actually changed the way I was driving a little bit and drove it in a little bit slower in the corner. When Kris drove it in too deep in the turn and he pushed up, I saw that I was able to use four lanes again on the final lap. Thank goodness for four lane racing. It was so awesome.”

    McKean also knew exactly what went wrong in his bid for the win. “I stuck right with him there and I was trying to get him on the last lap,” McKean said. “Then I overdrove turn one and it gave him just enough room to take the lane back. I was just trying to get more than I should and Jimmy took advantage of it.”

It was Hall’s first win of the season in the division. McKean would finish second followed by Danie

Newell wins strong in NAPA Street Stocks

    Chase Carraway took the lead in the 30-lap main event race but his time there was brief once John Newell motored around him at lap seven. As Newell pulled away from the rest of the field, Carraway was left to contend with Casey Pehrson and James Hall for second.

    Carraway lost his spot when Pehrson and Hall past him while the trio fought for position. Pehrson finsihed second while Hall finished third.

Audet takes over points lead with Brennan’s Carpets win

    Todd Audet started the main event race mid-pack from a field of six, but quickly worked his way up to the lead at lap three. A smoking Ray Homolka, who was the points leader, tried desperately to reel in Audet as the laps wound down, but spun into the infield. Dan Pulver would pass him for second.

    Lane Buddenhagen lost his left rear tire in the final lap and the raced ended under caution at lap 20 with Audet the winner and new points leader in the division.

Brennan captures win with Quale’s Electronics Hornets

    Racing on the one-third mile oval, Andy Brennan survived two restarts after cautions and took the checkered flag 0.584 seconds over Ty Garibay. At the half-way mark Brennan was being tailed by Garibay while Jeff Peck, running in the third position, waited for one or both of them to make a mistake.

However, both drivers made their rides stick to the track and Brennan took home the victory.

Dalton victorious with Quale’s Jr. Stingers

    Another caution-filled main event had the young drivers scrambling for position throughout the 20-lap race. At lap 10, Russell Dalton was in the lead but Doug Brownfield was relentless with the pressure he applied to Dalton en-route to the checkered. Lap traffic came into play on the final lap, but Dalton stood his ground to finish just ahead of Brownfield. It was Dalton’s third main event win of the season.

Another win for Bachman with Magic Valley Pipe Super Sixes

    Just as he was making his move for leader Bob Bachman, a caution at the halfway point of the 30-lap main event race put the fast moving Dean Waltman to the rear of the field for his involvement in bringing out the yellow.

    From that point Bachman continued to lay the real estate between him and the rest of the field and by lap 25, Bachman had accumulated a 20-car length lead over Randy Sellars. As the checkered flag waved, Waltman crossed the line in third just behind Sellars after making a great comeback for the position.


Budweiser Super Stocks: 1. James Hall, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Daniel Shirley, 4. Ernie Hall, 5. Willie Dalton.

NAPA Street Stocks: 1. John Newell, 2. Casey Pehrson, 3. James Hall, 4. Chase Carraway, 5. Jim Shirley.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Todd Audet, 2. Dan Pulver, 3. Ray Homolka, 4. Jerry Slocum, 5. Lane Buddenhagen.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets: 1. Andy Brennan, 2. Ty Garibay, 3. Jeff Peck, 4. Bob Gilligan, 5. Michael Stuart.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers: 1. Russell Dalton, 2. Doug Brownfield, 3. Brenden Radabaugh, 4. Miguel Zapata, 5. Kristan Gillogly.

Magic Valley Pipe Super Sixes: 1. Bob Bachman, 2. Randy Sellars, 3. Dean Waltman, 4. Jasen Skyberg, 5. Steve Waswick.

Faster Pastor Main Event Winner: Mark Bausman.