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09/18/10 News

                                                Jones captures title, Gomez wins race at MVS closer

    After qualifying ahead of John Newhouse, Steve Jones could breathe a little sigh of relief. After winning his heated race and finishing second in the main event, the celebrations could begin. Jones, who already holds several local series racing titles at Magic Valley Speedway, now can claim fame as the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series champion for 2010.

    Going into Saturday night’s showdown with a vulnerable 20-point lead, Jones knew he had to have everything go just right in order not to have to dig himself out of a hole in the main event. But it all played right into his hands.

    Jones worked his way up to second in the 100-lap race after several cautions forced restarts and new opportunities for him to advance through the field. Newhouse, who had held second for several laps fell slightly towards the end of the race to finish fifth while Bruce Quale came through to take third at the checkered behind Gomez and Jones.

    “I couldn’t have planned it this good,” Jones said. “When we qualified second just behind Jonathon and that gained us 10 points over John (Newhouse) right there. Then when we won the heat race that gained us another eight points. That really took the butterflies out of my stomach. Then we knew we could kind of take it easy in the main. I couldn’t have written a better script for the whole way the night went down.“

    Jonathon Gomez, who dominated the race after taking the lead for good at lap 27, was excited with his night as well. “The car was very fast tonight, the crew did an excellent job,” Gomez said. “We had never even led a lap before in this series until tonight so to qualify first and win the race, it was great. It was just one of those days where everything worked.“

    Jones was followed in the final point standings by MVS local heroes Newhouse and Quale. Travis Monett was shaken up after a brutal hit into the turn one wall late in the race but was able to climb out of the vehicle under his own power.

                                                        Shirley, McKean get the glory in Super Stocks

    Daniel Shirley took over the lead at lap 12 in the 40-lap Budweiser Super Stocks main event race and in just a few rounds he was working on extending his significant advantage over the rest of the field. However, with just seven laps remaining the caution was displayed, forcing a restart and a battle with defending series champion Kris McKean.

    Keeping his eye on the checkered, Shirley never let up the fight and McKean would have to settle for a second place finish in the final race of the season. McKean did wrap up the championship, finishing ahead of Shirley 76 points in the final standings.

    Driver Brennen VanderMeer suffered a hard hit to the turn one wall after getting loose on the front stretch, but was also able to walk away from the incident.

                                            Henslee wins main, Audet championship in Pony Stocks

    Todd Audet and Ray Homolka fought from bell to bell for the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks championship, but it was Audet who captured the title when the rounds were finished.

    After Homolka and Audet tangled for the final time with just nine laps remaining in the main event race, Wade Henslee took advantage to go on for the win. Finishing third, Audet rounded up the 2010 championship by a final margin of 51 points over Homolka.

                                                Quale race winner, Brennan champion in Hornets

    Jenna Quale held steady in the lead throughout the Quale’s Electronics Hornets main event race while Andy Brennan and Ty Garibay battled for the championship title.

    Brennan defended his position in front of Garibay with focused determination as the laps ran down, holding off all of Garibay’s attempts to make a pass. At the finish, Brennan crossed the line just behind Quale, with Garibay finishing third. It is Brennan’s first championship in the division.

                                            Bachman wins it all in Super Sixes

Bob Bachman took over the main event race at lap 13 from Chad Sammons, then outdueled Dean Waltman to the finish. With the win, Bachman sealed the deal on the championship in the Magic Valley Pipe Six Cylinder Racing League.


Rocky Mountain Challenge Series: 1. Jonathon Gomez, 2. Steve Jones, 3. Bruce Quale, 4. Bobby Latham, 5. John Newhouse.

Budweiser Super Stocks: 1. Daniel Shirley, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Johnny Pierre, 4. Dan Doan, 5. Casey Pehrson.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets: 1. Jenna Quale, 2. Andy Brennan, 3. Ty Garibay, 4. Brandon Mortensen, 5. Jeff Peck.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Wade Henslee, 2. JC Brookshire, 3. Todd Audet, 4. Jim Colson, 5. Ray Homolka.

Magic Valley Pipe Super Sixes: 1. Bob Bachman, 2. Dean Waltman, 3. Steve Waswick, 4. Travis Burke, 5. Randy Sellars.

Final MVS point standings:

Budweiser Super Stocks: 1. Kris McKean 1,510, 2. Daniel Shirley 1,434, 3. Willie Dalton 1,246, 4. Ernie Hall 1,215, 5. Steve Edens 1099.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Todd Audet 1,891, 2. Ray Homolka 1,840, 3. Jerry Slocum 1,630, 4. Wade Henslee 1,537.

Quale’s Electronics Hornets: 1. Andy Brennan 1,553, 2. Ty Garibay 1,544, 3. Jeff Peck 1,515, 4. Bob Gilligan 1,499, 5. Brandon Mortensen 1,350.