Magic Valley Speedway            
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09/18/10 Pictures

Jenna Quale, main event winner with the Quale’s Electronics Hornets

Quale's Elecrtonics Hornets Champion Andy Brennan lets loose with Garibay (left,second) and Peck (third)

 Brennan’s Ponys Stocks main event winner Wade Henslee

2010 Brennan's Carpet Pony Stocks Champion Audet (center) Homolka (left) second and Slocum third

Budweiser Super Stocks main event winner Daniel Shirley

Budweiser Super Stocks track champion McKean,(center) Shirley (left-second place) and Dalton (third)

Magic Valley Pipe Super Sixes Bob Bachman celebrates his main event win and championship

RMCS driver Steve Jones uncorks the bottle on his championship. Newhouse, (second from left) and Quale (far left) were second and third in points in the series respectively. Gomez (far right) won the AMS 110-lap main event race.