Magic Valley Speedway            
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5/12/12 News

TWIN FALLS • The fans were hyped for some motorized entertainment and the drivers delivered with an evening full of crashing, bashing and flying through the air.

In just one of the many events of the evening the demolition derby lived up to its name as the five entrants battled to be the last car running. Sariah Hunt was the winner of the derby after outlasting the guys in a rough fight to the finish.

Casey Pehrson took a night off from behind the wheel of a Super Stocks car to launch a less-costly vehicle off a customized ramp. Pehrson went high in the air before bouncing off the ground and barrel-rolling several times to a stop. He emerged from the vehicle unharmed and received huge accolades from the fans after the successful stunt.

The premier of car soccer also seemed to be a big hit with the fans with two teams of cars battling against each other to try and maneuver a huge soccer ball through a goal.

In weekly racing series action Douglas “Tank” Brownfield was the winner of the Thunderdogs main event race. Jeff Peck won the Hornets main event while 11-year-old Justice Coates brought home the glory in the Stingers main.

In the evening’s final event, Mike “Mr. Dizzy” Buse made a daring attempt to set a new record for a car jump. Hoping to go at least 100 feet he gathered up speed around the one-third mile track before launching off a ramp set up along the front stretch. After sailing through the air Mr. Dizzy fell short of the lined-up “cushion” cars on which he intended to land and fell solidly onto the asphalt. His momentum then took him hard into the rear of the row of cars.

“We still went farther than anyone else but I wish I would have hit the cars a little bit better,” Buse said. “We only hit it (the ramp) at about 50 (mph). If I could have hit it going at about 60 it would have put me right where I wanted to be.”

The car used in the stunt was provided by Magic Valley Speedway.

“We had mechanical issues with the car earlier. I could hear the engine knocking like crazy and could tell it was losing power when I was heading for the ramp. But it’s not economical for the promoter or me to trailer a car all the way here from Seattle,” Buse said.

Nevertheless Mr. Dizzy captivated the fans with his record setting jump.

“I love this place and I do this for the show for the crowd,” he added.

Magic Valley Speedway Results

Magic Valley Pipe Hornets: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Jason Quale, 3. Lane Walker, 4. James Cole, 5. Eddy Cole.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers: 1. Justice Coates, 2. Trenton Thomas, 3. Devri Shai Browne, 4. Brenden Radabough, 5. Hailey Douglas.