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8/18/12 News

August 18th, 2012
Bumps & Bruises, Ups & Downs
( Twin Falls , Idaho ) A night featuring more double features awaited the crowd at MVS on Commercial Tire & Lee Family Broadcasting Night. A “Tire Olympics” contest was held at intermission, keeping the crowd entertained. As the season creeps closer to championship night in September, the battle for the championship is still up for grabs in most racing divisions. None more close than the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Feature Division Commercial Tire Super Stocks.
The first double main for the Commercial Tire Super Stocks was a wild one for sure. An early incident involving Daniel Shirley and Jerry Slocum found both cars hard into the front stretch wall. Although both drivers were checked and walked away, their cars were done for the evening. Kris McKean who came into the night tied with Hannah Newhouse restarted as leader and was able to fend off Casey Pehrson. Pehrson then found himself being challenged by Newhouse who had raced her way to the front. Lap after lap she tried outside and inside to pass Pehrson for second. Finally with laps winding down she made a move in turn one making contact with Pehrson. They both slid and then touched again. As they exited turn two Newhouse finally spun 360 degrees and to the roar of the crowd continued racing! Pehrson slowed thinking a caution would come out, but as Newhouse had never stopped but continued racing the track was clear and the green flag stayed out. She quickly caught Pehrson and a last lap repeat happened. This time her car spun off the backstretch in the dirt and the field took checkered leaving her 7th place. Behind McKean were Pehrson and Kendall Woll.
Before the second Commercial Tire Super Stock main event, Newhouse took a safety lap to make sure her car was top notch. As the green flag fell she quickly faded and pulled off the track with a suspension related issue that would not allow her to continue. They were not able to repair it and get her back on the track relegating her tot a last place finish. Her tumble from the top of the points lead was certainly a disappointment to her and her fans. Enough races in the season remain though for a comeback!
It was a tough night in the Quale’s Electronics Junior Stingers. While Trenton Thomas was taking advantage of his front row starting spot and driving away to a nice lead, the rest of the field was trading positions and trading some paint in the meantime. Madison Pehrson lost control of her car coming to the start/finish line and plowed into the front stretch wall. She hit hard but was able to limp away from her car. On the last lap with a battle for second place brewing, Devri Browne made hard contact with the wall in the sharp left hand turn leading to the back stretch. Even after Thomas had taken his trophy for his first ever main event win and did a back flip off the trunk of his car, Devri Browne was still getting taken out of her car. Thankfully she was eventually checked and released. The second main event was won by Hailey Douglas, reasserting herself as the dominant car and point’s leader. Justice Dalton gave her a hard battle but settled for second place. Trenton Thomas was third.
Magic Valley Pipe Hornets raced on the tear drop ¼ mile track. The heat race was exciting then yet another front stretch wall collision happened when Jason Quale and point’s leader Jeff Peck tangled. Pecks car was damaged and could not continue. Quale’s was repaired and ready for the main event. All drivers were OK. In the main event, Brandon Grecco raced his way around Eddy Cole for the lead and never relinquished it. Much to the delight of his fans he was able to defeat Chad Everett on a late restart and finish a second ahead of Everett for the win. Logan Harr was a steady third.
Jeff Peck did return to race however in the Car Store Thunder Dogs. The famous “Wood Pecker” car battled with Vincent Orr who was driving in relief for “The Tank”. The “Stinking Lincoln” after expending its “Stink Juice” on the track died and had to be pushed to the pits. The “Hoffa Mobile” also had problems after being spun several times and could only watch as the Wood Pecker was victorious.
Next up at MVS, Budweiser Presents; The Boat/Trailer Race of Destruction, Idaho Late Models, Commercial Tire Super Stocks, Brennans Carpet Street Stocks, Magic Valley Pipe Hornets and Quale’s Electronics Junior Stingers and Fireworks! For more information please visit us at