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Banquet News

November 12, 2012 9:04 pm  •  

TWIN FALLS — Drivers, crew members and others were honored at the annual Magic Valley Speedway awards banquet held Saturday night at Canyon Crest Event Center.

After a very competitive season Kris McKean celebrated his fourth championship in a row in the Super Stocks Series. His title run in 2012 included seven Whelen All-American Racing Series main event wins. Casey Pehrson, runner-up in the final standings, drove to Victory Lane four times, while 15-year-old Han-nah Newhouse’s season included five main events wins en route to her third-place finish for the season.

As the feature division track champion, McKean was awarded $3,000 from the series sponsor, Whelen Engineering. Pehrson and Newhouse netted $2,000 and $1,200, respectively.

With MVS NASCAR’s only Idaho sanctioned track, McKean also gathered $2,000 for capturing the state championship while Pehrson was awarded $1,000 plus another $1,000 for earning Rookie of the Year honors. Newhouse added $500 to her winnings for finishing third in the state standings.

Josh Black, with the McKean racing team, was recognized as Mechanic of the Year.

After spending most of the early portion of the season behind Paul Browne in the Street Stocks standings, Ernie Hall accelerated his game to capture a total of nine main event wins on the way to his championship in the division. Browne held on to finish second in the division, followed by Jason Todd.

With four main event victories Jeff Peck captured the Hornets division title followed in the standings by Lane Walker and Chad Everett. Brenden Radabaugh accepted the mid-season Jr. Stingers championship title and Hailey Douglas was officially recognized as the fall champion in the division.

Peck was also acknowledged for his championship run in the Thunderdogs division. Additionally, he and Douglas Brownfield were presented with the inaugural ‘Iron Man’ award, given to both drivers for their dedication to racing in several different divisions throughout the season.

Top finishers in the MVS final standings for 2012

Commercial Tire Super Stocks: 1. Kris McKean, 2. Casey Pehrson, 3. Hannah Newhouse, 4. Allen Wil-liams, 5. Daniel Shirley.

Brennan’s Carpet Street Stocks: 1. Ernie Hall, 2. Paul Browne, 3. Jason Todd.

Magic Valley Pipe and Steel Hornets: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Lane Walker, 3. Chad Everett.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers: (first half): 1. Brenden Radabaugh, 2. Hailey Douglas, 3. Justice Coates.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers: (second half): 1. Hailey Douglas, 2. Justice Coates, 3. Makayla Woll.

The Car Store Thunderdogs: 1. Jeff Peck, 2. Douglas Brownfield, 3. Kris McKean.

Additional awards

Commercial Tire Super Stocks

Best Looking Car: Casey Pehrson.

Fans Favorite Driver: Daniel Shirley.

Most Improved Driver: Willie Dalton.

Sportsman of the Year: Dan Pehrson.

Rookie of the Year: Casey Pehrson.

McDonalds Bud Pole Award: Kris McKean.

Brennan’s Carpet Street Stocks

Best Looking Car: Paul Browne.

Fans Favorite Driver: Billi Miles.

Most Improved Driver: Russell Dalton.

Sportsman of the Year: Justin Boyd.

Rookie of the Year: Jay McDonald.

Magic Valley Pipe and Steel Hornets

Best Looking Car: James Cole.

Fans Favorite Driver: Jason Quale.

Most Improved Driver: William Cole.

Sportsman of the Year: William Cole.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers

Best Looking Car: Makayla Woll.

Fans Favorite Driver: Justice Coates.

Most Improved Driver: KC Sutton.

The Car Store Thunderdogs

Best Looking Car: Bill Stanley in the Hoffa Mobile.

Fans’ Favorite Driver: Douglas Brownfield in The Tank.

Most Improved Driver: Chad Everett in the White Lightning.

Sportsman of the Year: Josh Black in the Stinkin’ Lincoln.

Mechanic of the Year: Josh Black

Most Helpful Tech: Jay Grimm

Most Helpful Crew: Members of the Ernie Hall, Paul Browne, Billi Miles and Dale Miles teams.

Hard Luck Award: Mitchell Pehrson.

First Federal $50 Savings Account Winners: Jr. Stingers drivers Devri Browne and KC Sutton.

Winner of a mattress set donated by Sleep Solutions: Russell Dalton.