Magic Valley Speedway            
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Challenging night MVS

                                                                    Challenging night set at MVS 

    Former champions take on new faces tonight in the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series’ season-opener at Magic Valley Speedway. 

    Former series champions David Minegar and John Newhouse will be in the field along with Mr. Gas Late Models drivers Rick Fowble, Jeff Pohlman and Kris McKean, who truly face a challenge in the race. Nevertheless, McKean has a good idea of what it might take for one of the underdogs to get to the winner’s circle at the end of the 75-lap main event. “I think if we can get to the front and stay there, then maybe by the time some of the veteran guys work their way through traffic they will have used up enough of their car and might not be able to get around us,” said McKean. “Pohlman and Fowble are really good drivers and it should be a good test to see how our guys stack up with theirs.” 

    Lonnie Lowder, who competed in 2009 at MVS for his first year on pavement, has made the commitment to RMCS this season. He too will have the yellow “rookie” stripe on his rear bumper for tonight’s events. “We have a nice car. I am really looking forward to this but I know I will be nervous,” said Lowder. “There’s some tough competition. They’re all really good, I just want to see if we can compete with them. My biggest goal though is to stay out of trouble and finish the race.” 

    Adding another dimension to the action will be former MVS champion Jonathon Gomez, who will check in periodically at MVS between the NASCAR K&N Pro and Southwest Tour Series circuits he is tackling this season. Gomez is coming off an excellent run in Roseville, Calif., and more recently a fourth-place finish in Phoenix, Ariz., on April 8. Gomez will be without his preferred vehicle tonight. “I like going in knowing that we have a good chance to win and if I had my car I think we would,” Gomez said. “But (RMCS director) Mike Minegar said that I could drive the 99 car, so I am pretty sure that’s what I am going to do. “To jump in a car I have never even seen before — I don’t know how it’s set up or anything — it will be interesting. But I’m sure we’ll be able to adapt and hopefully get it dialed in.” 

    Former MVS champion Bruce Quale will also be in on the action this evening. Quale has made what he hopes are improvements to his RMCS car over the winter and is looking forward to getting back into the groove at the track where he’s had so much success. The seasoned Challenge Series driver was even willing to offer some advice to the rookies. “Probably the biggest thing is that in the Challenge Series they’re pretty serious. You’ve got to be on top on everything. 

    They know they have to get to the front pretty fast and if somebody’s in front of them driving a weird line or trying to block, they won’t let you get away with that, they’ll bonk you out of the way. They don’t put up with that nearly as much as maybe they do in the local divisions.”