Magic Valley Speedway            
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Championship night

                            Championships on the line tonight for Magic Valley Speedway drivers

The dream of a championship that was sparked in April is about to be realized for four drivers as the 2010 season at Magic Valley Speedway wraps up tonight for the Mr. Gas Late Models, NAPA Street Stocks, Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers and the Maverik Intermountain Pro Trucks.

After an Aug. 28 win for Late Models driver Rick Fowble, he leads Mike Greco by 117 points in the standings. With that championship basically in the bag for Fowble, Greco finds himself in a race for the runner-up spot with a 16-point advantage over Kris McKean. For the top two in the Maverik Intermountain Pro Trucks Series, however, the contest is much closer. Separated by just 23 points, Jerry Rice and Johnny Pierre will face-off today for the 2010 championship title.

“I am usually Mr. Second Place,” Rice said of his past bids for the top spot. “I have been close to a championship before but something always happens right at the end. I am expecting that something will happen any time now, it always does. But this time I think I just basically have to be able to start the main and I should have it.”

Pierre did try one last ploy on Rice. “He stopped by the other day and told me not to bother toshow up because the races were rained out already,” Rice reported. Pierre is in the same scenario he was last season, sitting second in the standings.

“We’re closer than we were last year but I need to have a whole lot of help,” Pierre said. “It’s still possible but if (Rice) shows up and runs the main event he’ll wrap it up. But we’re going to go out there and give ’um hell. A main-event win here at home sure would be good, so we’re going to go out and race as hard as we can and go for the win.”

The closest battle going into this evening’s championship showdown involves the young drivers in the Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers series. Russell Dalton, 13, and Doug Brownfield, 15, are as different as night and day in physical stature, but behind the wheel just seven points separate them in the standings. Both know they are headed for a hotly contested fight to the finish on a small track that is not conducive to passing.

“It’s real tight corners and not long straight-aways. You kind of have to wait for another person to make a mistake to capitalize on it,” Brownfield said. “But I have to put it all on the line. It’s my last race and I’m going for it all.”

Dalton knows other players such as Jason Quale, main-event winner Aug. 28, can also factor into his bid for the title. “I really need to drive with my head because (Brownfield’s) a good competitor and so is Quale,” Dalton said. “I really have a challenge. But I just have to go out there and race my hardest to try to get that championship. I just have to do my best and finish in front.”

NAPA Street Stocks driver John Newell should defend his 2009 title with a 70-point advantage over Casey Pehrson. Pehrson, who recently won his first main-event race of the season, will look to get back in Victory Lane as well as force Newell’s hand at staying out of trouble.

The Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks and Vintage Sprints are also on tonight’s agenda. The Sprint cars will be making their final appearance of the season at MVS, while the Pony Stocks’ championship is set for Sept. 18.

Gates open at 4 p.m., green flag racing begins at 6.