Magic Valley Speedway            
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Latham gets revenge for

It’s going to be Latham – no, wait – it’s going to be Pohlman. Or is it?

 Bobby Latham III looked to be a sure winner of the Mr. Gas Late Models main event Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway until Jeff Pohlman made a bold move to take the lead with two laps remaining in the race. However, Latham had a move in his own bag of tricks and brought it out on the final lap.

“I kind of felt him back there a few times,” Latham said. “Then he got inside of me and just kind of muscled his way by, but I just stayed with him. Then it came down to the last lap I just kind of poked him back. He had been poking me all race but I got him just enough to get him out of the way and come home with the win.”

 Latham is a former Late Models Series champion and was proving he hasn’t forgotten how to drive in the series at MVS.

“I knew about the only way I was going to get by him was to put a nose to him and try and move him a little bit,” Pohlman said. “I should have backed off a little bit after that and left him on the outside of me so when we went into the next corner he couldn’t what he did. But he did what he had to do and I did what I had to do. It was great race though, a lot of fun.” 

TJ Woodhall placed third. Dan Pehrson was unable to start the main event race after suffering heavy damage to his car in the heat race when Enrique Conteras III made a hard hit to the rear end of Pehrson’s car.

The Budweiser Super Stocks race saw Kris McKean about to run off with the main event win until Casey Pehrson spun him in turn four just before they were to take the white flag. With McKean stalled sideways on the track while Pehrson continued, the caution finally was displayed. Because of the contact, the race win was immediately awarded to Daniel Shirley, who had been running in third behind McKean and Pehrson.

For the Project Filter Streets Stocks, Kendall Woll made the comeback of the night to take the main event win. After spinning out early in the race, Woll slipped into the lead at lap 11 and began to pull away from the rest of the field. Chase Carraway would wind up second.

Other main event winners of the night included Todd Audet with the Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks, Scott Gilligan with the Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets, Jason Quale for the Jr.Stingers, Casey Pehrson in the Thunderdogs and Tony Ackerland in the Pepsi Winged Sprints.



Mr. Gas Late Models:   1. Bobby Latham III, 2. Jeff Pohlman, 3. TJ Woodhall, 4. Tony Ackerland, 5. Enrique Conteras III, 6. Kris McKean.

Budweiser Super Stocks:  1.Daniel Shirley, 2. Steve Edens, 3. Allen Williams, 4. Kris McKean, 5. Casey Pehrson, 6. Jenna Quale.

Project Filter Street Stocks:  1. Kendall Woll, 2. Chase Carraway, 3. Craig Nuthak, 4. Spencer Meyer, 5. John Newell.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks: 1. Todd Audet, 2. Jerry Slocum, 3. Robbie Hyde.

Quale’s Electronics Pro Hornets: 1. Scott Gilligan, 2. Kris McKean, 3. Bob Gilligan, 4. Jeff Peck, 5. Casey Pehrson.

Quale’s Jr. Stingers:  1. Jason Quale, 2. KC Gillogly, 3. Alyssa Pearson, 4. Brenden Radabaugh. Thunderdogs:  1. Casey Pehrson, 2. Chad Everett, 3. Darvin Ackerland, 4. Desi Ahrens, 5. Kris McKean.

Pepsi Winged Sprints:  1. Tony Ackerland, 2. Don Kithcart