Magic Valley Speedway            
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Luttmer delivers Pro Tru

By Linda Brittsan

Scott Luttmer may not have started off with the best seat in the house for the Intermountain Pro Trucks main event, but by the halfway mark he was in the catbird’s seat for the remainder of the race.

Luttmer began the 50-lap contest from the sixth starting position in a field of 14 trucks. Sam Harris led for the first 22 laps, but a hard-charging Dan Doan took over the position for the following two. Soon it was Luttmer to the lead after winding through traffic and as the race continued to run caution free, he was able to maintain his momentum which carried him through to Victory Lane.

“We were up until two-thirty, three o’clock this morning getting it ready,” Luttmer said of his rush just to get his truck set up. “We didn’t even get in a whole practice in. In the main it was tough to start with, but when we got to the bottom and the opportunity was there we had to take it. We got the inside position and it was a little rough in there for a while, but once we got in the lead I knew we had a pretty good shot at it.” 

 Finishing in the runner-up position, Johnny Pierre came from mid-pack to cross the line 4.258 seconds behind Luttmer. Dallas Montes, 17, from Bakersfield, California, delivered the biggest gain in the race driving the Thompson’s Motorsports truck to a third place finish after starting twelfth in the field.  Sophomore in the series at the age of 14, Hannah Newhouse finished fourth followed by Doan and Harris.

The Budweiser Super Stocks main event settled in with Kris McKean racing to a commanding lead while the rest of the pack scrambled for position. At lap 12, Steve Edens and Jenna Quale made contact on the front stretch, sending Edens on his driver’s side door sideways down the wall for what must have seemed forever before coming to a stop with Quale pinched against the roof of his car. Although a spectacular wreck, Edens was able to climb out of the car and give a thumbs-up to the crowd.

“I was coming out of turn four and I saw Jenna was in the wall and I got on the brakes but it wasn’t going to stop,” Edens said. “I have been in a lot of wrecks but this one was a little different. But the way they mandate the cages and the belts and the safety out here, I didn’t get one scratch.” Quale was also not injured in the incident.

During the red flag situation on the track, Kris McKean pulled into the pits to attend to a fuel leak issue and had to start at the rear of the field for the restart. Daniel Shirley then took over the lead, eventually winning his second race of the season followed by Allen Williams. McKean muscled his way through the field to finish third just ahead of Casey Pehrson.

 In other events, Rob Powers captured his first win with the Pro 4’s after taking the lead at lap two of the 25-lap race. Brennan’s Carpets Pony Stocks driver Todd Audet and Quale’s Electronic Hornets driver Doug “Tank” Brownfield ran to their second main event wins of the season. Jason Quale also captured his second win of the year in the Quale’s Jr. Stingers after getting around Russel Dalton on the final lap.



Intermountain Pro Trucks:  1. Scott Luttmer, 2. Johnny Pierre, 3. Dallas Montes, 4. Hannah Newhouse, 5. Dan Doan.

Budweiser Super Stocks:  1. Daniel Shirley, 2. Allen Williams, 3. Kris McKean, 4. Casey Pehrson, 5. Stacey Jensen

Quale’s Electronics Hornets:  1. Doug Brownfield, 2. John Newhouse, 3. Chad Evertte, 4. Theresa Borlase.

Brennan’s Carpet Pony Stocks:  1. Todd Audet, 2. Robbie Hyde.

Quale’s Electronics Jr. Stingers:  1. Jason Quale, 2. Russel Dalton, 3. Justes Dalton, 4. KC Gillogly, 5. Jay McDonald. 

Pro 4’s:  1. Rob Powers, 2. William Barton, 3. Jim Dailey, 4. Ken Chandler, 5. Dayne Amyx