Magic Valley Speedway            
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Wild Night At MVS

It was an action-packed Saturday night at Magic Valley Speedway that not only included the Quale’s Jr. Stingers, Pro Hornets and the TVGoldandSilver Thunderdogs, but a demolition derby, roll over contest and a bus flying through the infield.

In the Jr. Stingers main event race driver Jay McDonald was the winner after showing the way from the drop of the green flag. A couple of cautions did allow Jason Quale to come within striking distance of the leader, but McDonald kept his foot on the accelerator while focusing on the turns to capture his second main event win of the season.

 Andrew Tuttle came from the rear of the field to win the Pro Hornets main event after taking advantage of a mid-race caution.  Kris McKean was in the lead up to lap 11 but contact that sent McKean into the tire barrier was ruled to involve the No. 24 car of Scott Gilligan, sending both drivers to the back of the pack. After the restart, Tuttle was able to gain ground on his followers as the laps wound down, crossing the finish line by just slightly more than six seconds ahead of runner-up Jeff Peck. McKean came back to finish third.

Dog “Tank” Brownfield held the lead in the Thunderdogs main event race but the car got loose at lap six allowing Andrew Tuttle to take over for the next two laps. Kris McKean then led at the white flag, but Tuttle rebounded in the following lap to narrowly take the victory.

 Casey Pehrson won the roll-over contest by making a high-speed run at the ramp before performing some amazing aerial feats in the infield. The car was severely damaged, but Pehrson walked away unscathed from the torn-up car. Five cars had a smashing time in the demolition derby, the survivor being James Hunt.  

The most nerve-wracking moments came during the evening's finale, involving a mystery driver and a bus. After gaining speed around the one-third mile track the driver launched the small bus off a custom built ramp with the intention of landing on two fifth-wheel trailers. However, the jump wound up somewhat short after the bus rolled to the right while in the air. After a few tense moments, safety personnel helped who turned out to be track owner Eddy McKean out of the wreckage. McKean then gave a big wave to the crowd.

 “It was a good ride but I missed the ramp a little bit and I hit the ground hard. I got a little banged up,” McKean said later as he displayed his bandaged right hand. “We’ll build a better ramp and we’ll do it better next time.”